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WATCH | China constructs makeshift 'quarantine sites' in Guangzhou amidst rising protests

A professor for John Hopkins University claimed that the centers are being built to “potentially detain” more than 80,00 people.

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The current agitation in China is perhaps one of the biggest protests the Xi Jinping administration faced in recent years. The people of China are furious over the stringent measures imposed by the Chinese authorities as their commitment to the “Zero COVID-19 policy” remains strong.  While the protestors are finding unique ways to organise protests and put out their message, the Communist Party has vowed to “resolutely crack down infiltration and sabotage activities by hostile forces.” 

Amidst the chaos, the Chinese administration has set up makeshift COVID-19 quarantine sites in Guangzhou. Sharing a video of the facility, a professor of John Hopkins University claimed that the centers are being built to “potentially detain” more than 80,00 people. 

Chinese administration conducts brutal crackdown as furious protestors hold their ground

On Wednesday, AP reported that China’s ruling Communist Party has “vowed to resolutely crack down on infiltration and sabotage activities by hostile forces.” The police and paramilitary forces have been frequently conducting ID checks and searching the mobile phone of the residents to find evidence that they had taken part in demonstrations. 

Throughout the protest, netizens have been constantly sharing videos of what is going down across the country. Sharing the video of the protest at the Foxconn plant in Guangzhou, a Twitter user talked about how the iPhone factory workers are fighting the police forces to break out from the plant. One Twitter user also shared videos from Haizhu District in Guangzhou, where the police forces are firing tear gas in the area to stop the protestors from holding their ground. 

Guangzhou houses around 13 million people and is one of the major hotspots of COVID-19 cases that are increasing day-by-day across the whole country. While the Beijing administration claimed that the “Zero COVID-19 policy” is intended to save people from the deadly virus, the protestors have been constantly expressing their frustration over the stringent measures taken by the Chinese authorities for the implementation of this policy. On Tuesday, AP reported that the Chinese administration has sent university students home amidst the growing COVID-19 cases and the increasing protests. 

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Published November 30th, 2022 at 20:36 IST

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