Updated December 26th, 2023 at 15:51 IST

WATCH | This Food Vlogger 'Just declared war against Italy'- know why

The food vlogger, Calvin Lee prepared a pasta with white sauce, incorporating multiple chocolates into the pan.

Reported by: Manasvi Asthana
Food vlogger Calvin Lee. | Image:Insta: @foodmakescalhappy

A particular recipe shared by food vlogger, Calvin Lee, hailing from Singapore and recognized as the influencer, enthusiastically experimented with the unusual recipe. His post on @foodmakescalhappy has ignited a lively debate on Instagram. In his recent post, the creator is seen preparing a white sauce pasta and taking it a step further by adding Ferrero Rocher chocolates into the pan, resulting in a gooey, chocolatey dish.

As the New Year approaches, gastronomes worldwide are in search of recipes that can infuse the ideal and distinctive flair into their celebrations. Whether it's cakes, cookies, pastries, or beverages like soda, chai, and coffee, the possibilities are vast. While pasta is a reliable option for the main course, concluding the meal with a dessert could be a little tough choice to make.


The vlogger can be seen transferring his creation into a bowl and savoring it. The video reel shows his preparation of the dish and his taste test. It starts with him boiling pasta in a pan, then introducing the attention-grabbing ingredient.

As he cooked the pasta in milk, he incorporated the chocolate balls. Although this was the most unconventional aspect of the food preparation, it didn't end there. Lee was also observed including cream cheese and condensed milk in the dish before indulging in a bite.


Within seconds of completing the cooking process in the video, the influencer plunged his fork into the chocolatey pasta to give it a try. While tasting the dish, he closed and squeezed his eyes. Did he enjoy it? "Yes, yes, yes," he captioned the food video, describing the unique creation as "creamy, nutty, and incredibly comforting." However, as far as netizens are concerned, the recipe received mixed reactions.


After being uploaded online earlier this December, the video has managed to get over 170,000 views on Instagram. Numerous viewers commented, sharing their reactions to the Ferrero Rocher Pasta.


Published December 26th, 2023 at 15:49 IST