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WATCH Turkish Plane Skims Over Busy Motorway to Make Emergency Landing

The Turkish military plane was spotted skimming over the motorway, as its left-side propeller begins to fail and slow down.

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Turkish plane motorway
Low flying Turkish military plane on busy motorway. | Image:X

A footage showing the Turkish military plane hovering above the busy motorway after experiencing a technical snag is going viral on social media. The shocking scene unfolded as the  plane descended above the speeding cars and buses flying extremely low as it was “slightly damaged.” The incident occurred in the province of Kayseri, Turkey as the military plane made an emergency landing after suffering malfunction during a training exercise.

In the visual, the plane was spotted skimming over the motorway, as its left-side propeller begins to fail and slow down during the low flight, Turkey’s defense ministry informed later in a post. The military said that no one was injured in the incident which happened due to a technical error in the aircraft and that the pilot managed to successfully land it. 


⚠️ BREAKING: Turkish military plane makes an emergency landing in Turkey’s Kayseri city

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Damaged plane makes dramatic landing 

As the gigantic plane descended upon the busy road, the drivers watched in awe, as per the CCTV footage that captured the moment. It appears that the plane has gone out of control but managed to make the difficult landing.

At one point, the aircraft almost hit the light poles in the center of the road but kept flying at a low altitude. It passed over the stadium where it eventually landed on the wide field away from the traffic or the civilians. 


The incident came just days after a Russian transport plane crashed in the border town of Belgorod, killing all POWs onboard, as claimed by Russia. Ukraine’s officials said that there is “no  credible evidence” that Ukraine’s military shot down the Russian military transport plane and that it was carrying dozens of POWs onboard that would be swapped during the ongoing war. According to a statement published by Ukrainian agency that deals with prisoner exchanges, Russia provided a list of the 65 Ukrainians, who it says died in a plane crash in the bordering town of Belgorod.


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