Auto Expo 2020: MG Showcases Roewe Vision-i Concept Car With Autonomous Driving


Roewe’s Vision-i concept car was recently unveiled by China’s SAIC owned Britsh car marque MG motors at the Auto Expo 2020 held in Delhi.

Written By Riya Baibhawi | Mumbai | Updated On:
Auto Expo 2020

Roewe’s Vision-i concept car was recently unveiled by China’s SAIC owned Britsh car marque Morris Garages aka MG motors at the Auto Expo 2020. The Expo saw multiple new products from MG and Haima amongst others. The Vision-i concept made a debut last year at the Shanghai Auto Expo was touted as world’s first 5G smart cockpit, international media reported.

Offers connectivity through 5G

Apart from offering connectivity through 5G, the new vehicle also combines the boldness of an SUV with the practicality of MPV. The new cars represented by the Vision-i concept are called SPV which stands for Smart Proactive Vehicle. In terms of mechanics, the car has a technical optical set of rims, which not only minimize the wind resistance but also light up anything approaching the vehicle. The Roewe branding and other letterings on the tailgate have been illuminated at the car’s rear. 

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In terms of visuals, the new car’s front fascia features a handful of LED strips which are not only used for lighting duties but also make the grill more attractive. Another highlight is its futuristic exteriors with also features a no-screen cockpit. The car is fully autonomous and does not need a driver. The car will also offer many driving modes, including education, leisure, driving, sleeping or meeting. This will let the passenger indulge in interesting activities while the car drives automatically.

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Along with the vision-i concept car, MG Motor India also unveiled the Gloster full-size SUV in India at Auto Expo 2020 held in Delhi. The car is a 7-seater SUV based on the Maxus D90 SUV sold in other countries. 

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