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National Odometer Day: Know About It's History, Significance & Celebration

National Odometer Day is observed on May 12, every year, across the country. Get to know about National Technology Day history & significance.

national odometer day

An odometer is an instrument which indicates the distance travelled by a vehicle. The odometer could either be mechanical, electronic or a combination of both. Every year, May 12 is observed as National Odometer Day and is celebrated to learn more about the odometer. The word 'odometer' is derived from two Greek words, 'Hodos' which means gateway or path and 'Metron', which means 'measure' in English.

This device is one of the most important devices in each and every vehicles. In some countries, odometers are also popularly known as mileometer or tripometer. Therefore, here is everything you need to know about the history, significance and celebration of National Odometer Day.

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History of National Odometer Day

  • An Odometer was first developed for wagons and other horse-drawn vehicles in the 1600s for measuring the distances they travelled. The first odometer for an automobile was developed by Arthur P. and Charles H. Warner of Beloit, Wisconsin which appeared in 1903 and was soon patented as the Auto-Meter.
  • One of the earliest pilots of the United States of America, Arthur Warner's curiosity in engineering led him to initially assemble and eventually fly a Curtiss Pusher aeroplane. Although, technology has drastically developed over the years, the odometer continues to hold utmost prominence in today's day and age too as it keeps a track on how far one has travelled. While one gives you information about the distance travelled, other monitors the fuel consumption and oil pressure, speed, and RPMs of the vehicle.

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Significance of National Odometer Day

  • The National Odometer Day is specifically celebrated to remind people to check the odometers of their vehicles and take better care of them. For making sure that the vehicles stay in a better condition for a long span of time, one should take care of them and by the information provided by odometers, one gets to know when their ride needs some servicing.

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National Odometer Day's Celebration

  • There are various ways of how people across the world celebrate National Odometer Day. The most common one is to go on a long ride with one's squad while the other one is posting pictures of one's vehicles and celebrate the day by using the hashtag #NationalOdometerDay. However, due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, the latter one suits best to celebrate the day.

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