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Conchata Ferrell & Charlie Sheen's 5 Best Moments In 'Two And A Half Men' That Won Hearts

Conchata Ferrell earned a lot of fame after she played the character of Berta in 'Two And a Half Men'. Read ahead to know Berta & Charlie Harper's best moments.

Conchata Ferrell

Conchata Ferrell became a household name after she starred in the 2003 famous sitcom Two And A Half Men. What makes the show tickle the funny bones of the viewers is not just the storyline, but also the duo of Berta and Charlie Harper. Conchata Ferrell played the role of the no-nonsense housekeeper, Berta, of Harper's household. Though she was not the main character, her recurring appearances were absolutely loved by the viewers. Read ahead to know those five times when Conchata Ferrell and Charlie Sheen, playing the characters of Berta and Charlie Harper won our hearts. 

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5 times Berta and Charlie won fans' hearts

Berta and the beer

One of the best scenes of Conchata Ferrell as Berta and Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper was when Charlie asks Berta to hand him a beer from the fridge. At this point, Jake comes into the kitchen to grab something from the refrigerator. Berta passes on the request of Charlie’s beer to Jake and asks him to get it for his uncle. Jake annoyingly replies that he can get it for himself. To this, Berta sarcastically replies she tried but couldn’t get Charlie to do it. 

The Christmas bonus

One of the best moments between Berta and Charlie is when Berta angrily asks for a Christmas bonus from Charlie. Charlie obliges and takes out the wad of cash from his pocket and hands some dollars to Berta. Berta wants more and ends up taking the entire wad from Charlie. 

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What would Jesus Do?

Another funny scene that happens between Berta and Charlie is when he hears Berta crying in the bathroom. He knocks the door of the bathroom and tells her that he wants to use the loo. Berta asks him to go away. Charlie doesn’t budge and repeatedly asks her if she is okay and Berta keeps asking him to go away. Finally, Charlie hesitantly opens the door and funds Berta seated on a stool is crying. Berta says that she didn’t want him to see her like that. To which Charlie replies that this image is better than what he had in mind. 

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One of the funny scenes between Berta and Charlie is when they both set out to pay Ronald a visit. They both are in the car and heading over at Ronald’s when Charlie announces that he has to pee. Berta smiles and continues to drive. Charlie complains again that he has to pee to which Berta smiles and replies that does he still have to and pulls the car over. 

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One of the most hilarious scenes between Charlie and Berta is when he tells her that he got an email from an ex-girlfriend who wants to “see” him. To this Berta sarcastically air quotes that she is probably pregnant with his child which is she wants to meet him. Charlies clarifies that they dated 5 years ago. This clarification earns him a classic Berta reply that the ex-girlfriend is bringing with him a four-year-old.

Conchata Ferrell passed away on October 12, 2020, due to cardiac arrest. The actor was 77-years old. She died at the Sherman Oaks Hospital. 

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