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Legolas VS Hawkeye: Netizens Divided Over Who Is The Better Archer

Legolas Vs Hawkeye has been trending on Twitter since the past two days and fans are divided over who is the better archer. Find out what they think.

legolas vs hawkeye

There is an ongoing Twitter war between users who are debating who is a better archer Legolas or Hawkeye. As Lord of The Rings fans might already know, Legolas is the gorgeous looking Sindarin Elf from Fellowship of the Ring, who is approximately 3000 years old and is the most revered archer in the LOTR world. On the other hand, Hawkeye is the archer superhero who is a part of the Avengers team from MCU. 

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Legolas VS Hawkeye

The war-ravaged on Twitter after a post went viral asking fans who they think is the best on-screen with a bow and arrow. The candidates were Legolas from Lord of the Rings, Oliver Queen from the TV series Arrow, Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, and the Marvel Cinematic Universes' Hawkeye. Despite the fact that there were four candidates most of the users narrowed their attention down to just Legolas and Hawkeye.

Most of the people responding to the original post claimed that Legolas was the best archer and there was no debating it. In fact in the poll, 70% voted in favour of Orlando Bloom’s character from the LOTR and The Hobbit films. Hawkeye was running in second place with 15% votes while Oliver Queen was the third.

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Many Twitter users took to the platform to express why they thought Legolas is the best archer. A popular Twitter user Zelda Williams stated, “Legolas is thousands of years old, all of them spent perfecting his archery. I mean, he can shoot arrows from a classic longbow sans arrow rest (he uses his hand like a champ) with deadly precision while riding a shield down a flight of stone stairs.” Another user Billy Locke stated, “He is more powerful, personally but Hawkeye has vastly superior firepower. If we are just at the range with basic arrows and now? Legolas is the winner. In a death battle? It’s Hawkeye”

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Another user named Cornelius justified saying, “My man Hawkeye was putting arrows between Alien eyeballs moving 80 mph+ through the streets of Manhattan from the top of a skyscraper... this is not a real question”. While the options to choose from in the poll were limited to just out of the four, fans named many more known modern archers in film and television as their favourite. Soon, several memes began floating on Twitter about this poll. Here are some hilarious ones.

Legolas VS Hawkeye memes

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Image Source: Still from LOTR & Hawkeye series (Instagram)



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