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Yo Magic Yogurt - WandaVision Episode 6 Commercial Explained

Almost every episode of WandaVision offered a treat to the fans in the form of peculiar commercials linking to Wanda's trauma. Let's dissect Yo Magic Yogurt ad.

yo magic yogurt

WandaVision has been garnering massive attention. But the commercials in between the show has earned a separate fanbase altogether. Till now, five cryptic commercials have been put out there, each representing a trauma related to Wanda. While the other four commercials were similar in pattern, referring to certain Marvel characters or incidents, the fifth commercial was way off. It's keeping fans up all night coming up with different theories to justify the oddity of the theme. Let's dissect the Yo Magic Yogurt commercial based on the best theories so far.

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Yo Magic Yogurt - WandaVision Episode 6 Commercial Explained

The fifth commercial seemed like an era-appropriate theme as it represented the early 2000 ads until a twist at the end made fans question their sanity. The ad was shown in stop-motion animation, with a young exasperated boy stranded on a small island looking for food. As he endlessly complains about being hungry, a surfing shark jumps from the sea to hand him over Yo-Magic yoghurt for snacking. Normally, the purpose of the ad would have been complete with the kid happily munching on the snack. However, the ad takes a horrifying turn as the kid is not being able to open the seal on the yoghurt for days together. We see him struggle with the yoghurt for eight days until he finally rots and turns into a skeleton. The tagline then appears to be, "Yo-Magic! The snack for survivors!"

Coming to the theories, so far everybody is aware that the theories are related to Wanda's past. The first ad suggested the Stark bomb, rooting to her parent's death. The second ad suggested Hydra's role in brainwashing the twins. The third ad was named after the Lagos attack that left thousands to die because of Wanda's mistake in Captain America: Civil War. The most popular fan theory suggests that the ad is mirroring the situation that Wanda is going through at the moment. Even though she has the most powerful magic in her hands, she's not able to save Vision as his inquisitiveness led him to face an almost death.

The ad can be a play on the episode, meaning that her powers in keeping Vision alive won't work outside of Hex. Some are also linking the ad with Mephisto, the show's probable antagonist. In the comics, Wanda makes a deal with the devil in order to live the ideal life with her kids and husband. The ad can be a representation of Mephisto feasting on Wanda's magic until she decays and dies. 

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