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Lizzo Calls Herself 'Fat Vegan', Shares What She Eats In A Day

Lizzo recently took to a video sharing platform in the USA and shared what she eats in a day since she has been following the vegan diet. Read more.

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Lizzo has been experimenting with her diet and has gone vegan for nearly two months now. Back on June 29, the body-positive singer shared on a video sharing platform in the USA that as a new vegan, she has been enjoying the exploring of flavours from plants and plant-based proteins. Lizzo has now shared what she eats in a day in a video titled 'What I Eat Today: Tales From a Fat Vegan'. 

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Lizzo shares what she eats in a day

Lizzo shared everything she ate starting from breakfast where she made a smoothie made with coconut water and either Kale/Spinach coupled with frozen fruit. As she moved on to her lunch, Lizzo shared a recipe for a salad she 'loves to make'. Lizzo shared that the salad consisted of kale, broccoli, a slice of avocado, and some red cabbage, white onion and carrots. Lizzo does not follow a time restricting diet and thus has room for snacks in-between meals. 

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Lizzo showcased a container filled with vegan paleo puffs shaped like Cheetos. The singer shared that she would eat a bunch of hot Cheetos but it was not good for her acid reflux so she found a vegan alternative. For dinner, the Truth Hurts singer showed a bag of mushroom balls coupled with a truffle, quinoa-based chickpea mushrooms and the salad she had earlier in the day. Later, the singer showed herself drinking a fizzy cola as she needed 'some sparkles' in her throat. 

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Lizzo had previously shared that she had shifted on a raw vegan diet. While vegans do not eat animals or animal by-products, raw vegans take it a notch further and do not eat things that have been cooked over 118 degrees. The food raw vegans eat is not refined, pasteurized, or processed in any form. 

The Hustlers actor has been reportedly coupling her healthy shift of diet with frequent workouts. Back in June 20020, Lizzo had shared in a video that she has been consistently hitting the gym for five years. Some have also called out Lizzo on the internet to which she had replied back stating that she does not work out for the ideal body image of others, but for herself. 

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