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Megan Is Missing Ending Explained: Here's All You Need To Know About The Film

The psychological horror film, Megan is Missing is directed by Michael Goi. Taking about the film, here’s a look at Megan is Missing ending explained. Read.

megan is missing ending explained

Psychological horror film Megan is Missing directed by Michael Goi is shot in a found-footage style and chronicles the days leading up to Megan Stewart's disappearance. After she was supposed to meet in real life with a boy she was talking to online, the famous high school student goes missing and an investigation is initiated by her friend Amy (Amber Perkins).

Though Goi was influenced by cases of child abduction in real life, it is not entirely based on one particular event. The film was shot in 2006 but did not find distribution until Anchor Bay Films released it on DVD in 2011, intended to be a cautionary tale. The film stars Amber Perkins as Amy Herman, Rachel Quinn as Megan Stewart, Dean Waite as Josh, and Jael Elizabeth Steinmeyer as Lexie. For viewers who failed to understand how the movie concluded, here is a look at Megan is Missing's ending.

Megan is Missing ending explained

Megan is being introduced to Josh, a guy who claims to be a 17-year-old skater, by a classmate. He says his little brother broke his webcam, leaving her unable to see his face. She becomes furious at him when Josh fails to reveal himself at a party he claimed to be attending. However, when he mentions that he is shy and was overwhelmed by her fame, she sympathises with him.

Megan's best friend, Amy, starts to feel left out and before deciding to meet in person behind a cafe, Megan introduces her to him. On January 7, it is revealed that she is missing and officials are starting to suspect that she ran away. Amy starts a concentrated search to locate her friend and talks online with Josh to see if he knows anything about her whereabouts.

This encounter makes Amy terrified because of Josh's threatening remarks and she reports him to the police when she sees surveillance video of Megan being kidnapped, which helps re-spark the investigation. Amy then visits a personal hiding place under an old bridge three weeks later and someone is seen kidnapping her.

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What happens at the end of Megan is Missing?

Later, in the basement where Amy is hidden handcuffed to a wall, Josh unlocks a wide door. Before he brutally rapes her, he makes her eat food in a dog bowl. He later returns to apologise and tells her that he's going to let her go. He then shows her a barrel and tells her to get into it so that when they leave, she will not know where he lives. Amy, however, begins to scream and runs away as she sees Megan's rotting body inside the barrel.

Before locking it, Josh then pushes her into the barrel along with Megan's body. He loads the barrel into the car and then drives to a forest where, as Amy screams and begs for her life, he digs a huge pit. Before walking forward, Josh throws the barrel into the hole and fills it up, leaving Amy to die underground.

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