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On Jennifer Aniston's Birthday, Take A Quiz To See How Well You Know The 'FRIENDS' Star

A quiz on Jennifer Aniston's birthday to judge your knowledge of her personal and professional life, with added bits of trivia on the 'Along Came Polly' star.

jennifer aniston's birthday

Jennifer Aniston’s birthday is on February 11 and the star will be turning 52 years old this year. She is one of the most successful actors of Hollywood who has created a niche for herself in the industry. On the occasion of her birthday, here is Jennifer Aniston’s quiz to review the facts you know about the actor as well as added bits of lesser-known trivia on the star.

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Jennifer Aniston’s birthday quiz:

1.       Where was Jennifer Aniston born?

                                 I.          California

                                II.          New York

                               III.          Texas

                               IV.          Alabama

2.      What was Jennifer Aniston's character's name on "Friends"?

                                I.           Monica Geller

                                II.          Rachel Green

                              III.           Phoebe Buffay

                             IV.            Jennifer Green

3.      Jennifer Aniston spent part of her childhood living in Greece.

                              I.            True

                             II.            False

4.       What was Jennifer's character's name in "Along Came Polly"?

                              I.            Rachel Green

                              II.           Polly Prince

                              III.          Grace Connelly

                              IV.          Monica Geller

5.       What occupation does Jennifer have in "Bruce Almighty"?

                              I.            Waitress

                             II.            Teacher

                            III.            Fashion designer

                            IV.            Lawyer

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6.       What year did Jennifer Aniston get married?

                                 I.           1999

                                II.           2000

                              III.            1998

                              IV.            2001

7.      Who was Jennifer married to?

                                 I.           Ben Stiller

                                 II.          David Schwimmer

                                III.          Brad Pitt

                                IV.          Vince Vaughn

8.     What was her daughter's name on "Friends"?

                                 I.            Monica

                                II.            Lily

                               III.            Isabelle

                              IV.            Emma

9.      When was Jennifer Aniston born?

                              I.            2 February 1968

                             II.            11 February 1970

                            III.            11 February 1969

                           IV.            12 February 1971

10.   Jennifer was a schoolmate of...

                             I.            Shane West

                            II.            David Schwimmer

                           III.            Chastity Bono

                           IV.            Reese Witherspoon

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11.   What is Jennifer's middle name?

                           I.            Harriet

                           II.            Lucille

                           III.            Madisson

                           IV.            Joanna

12.   In which of these movies has Jennifer not acted?

                            I.            She's the one

                           II.            Picture perfect

                          III.            Tempting Adam

                          IV.            The good girl

13.   Before working in "Friends", Jennifer was told to lose weight. How many pounds did she lose?

                           I.            20 pounds

                          II.            30 pounds

                          III.            10 pounds

                          IV.            15 pounds

14.   What are the names of Jennifer Aniston's parents?

                           I.            Mark Aniston & Lisa Dow

                          II.            John Aniston & Nancy Dow

                          III.            Thomas Aniston & Ashley Dow

                          IV.            Greg Aniston & Jennifer Dow

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15.   Jennifer Aniston has a fear of...

                          I.            Flying

                         II.            Swings

                        III.            Crowded places

                        IV.            Marriage

Answer Key:

1-      I

2-      II

3-      I

4-      II

5-      II

6-      II

7-      III

8-      IV

9-      III

10-   III

11-   IV

12-   III

13-   II

14-   II

15-   I

Jennifer Aniston's Trivia:

Jennifer Anniston was uncredited in the first-ever movie she acted in. The name of the film was "Mac and Me". She has received an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her role as Rachel Green. She is the co-founder of the production company Echo. Not only did she star in but also produced "The Morning Show".

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