'Star Wars': Some Of The Most Memorable Moments From The Series That Fans Won't Forget

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Star Wars has several memorable and epic scenes that are unforgettable for fans of the franchise. Here are a few of the best moments from the Star Wars saga.

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Conceptualized by director George Lucas, the Star Wars saga first premiered on the big screen all the way back in 1977. Since then, Star Wars have evolved into a massive franchise worth billions of dollars and has become a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of fans spread all across the globe.

The Star Wars franchise now includes video games, comics, TV shows and more, but the main attraction of the series will always be its big-budget Episodic films, starting from 1977's A New Hope, to the recently released Episode IX, The Rise of Skywalker. Star Wars did not become such a huge cultural behemoth by accident. It was thanks to the memorable and epic moments from the original trilogy that made the franchise the household name it is today. 

Thrilling moments from the Star Wars saga, that fans will never forget

The "I am your father" scene

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Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, was the darkest film of the original trilogy, where the heroes stumbled and suffered after their victory in A New Hope. In the film, Luke had to face off against his arch-nemesis, Darth Vader. The battle between Luke and Vader is one of the best fight scenes in the original trilogy, but it is the reveal after the battle that is truly unforgettable for fans.

After Luke loses the battle, Vader asks Luke to join him in his quest to overthrow the emperor. Luke then tells Vader that he knows that Vader killed his father. However, in one of the most amazing moments of the saga, Darth Vader reveals to Luke that he is his father. James Earl Jones' cruel line delivery and Mark Hamill’s gut-wrenching denial truly makes the scene one of the most memorable moments in the franchise. 

Darth Vader saves Luke

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There are several memorable moments between Darth Vader and his son, Luke. In Return of the Jedi, Luke finally defeats Vader in a duel and is about to kill him. However, at the last moment, Luke realizes that he cannot slay his father as that would be something a sith would do. So he sheathes his lightsaber and refuses to turn to the dark side. 

This enrages the Emperor, who strikes down Luke with his force lightning. As the Emperor tortures Luke, Darth Vader has a silent redemption that is only seen by the film's audience. He then saves his son's life by lifting up the Emperor and throwing him down the central atrium of the Death Star. This scene not only showcases Luke's unyielding morality but also redeems Darth Vader, which is why it is often considered to be one of the best scenes in the saga. 

The opera scene

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While the Star Wars prequels are often panned by fans and critics alike, there are a few moments from the films that are universally praised by fans. One such scene is the opera scene, where Chancellor Palpatine (later the Emperor) tells Anakin Skywalker the Story of Darth Plagueis The Wise. The Chancellor tells Anakin how the Sith lord was capable of reviving the dead and how he had mastery over life itself. 

This entire scene showcases how the Chancellor is subtly manipulating Anakin to the Dark Side by tempting him with the promise of extraordinary powers. Several aspects make this scene one of the best moments from the prequels. From the acting to the direction and dialogue, the opera scene is undoubtedly one of the finest moments from the prequels and is adored by fans.

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