After Baby Yoda, 'Star Wars' Baby Jabba Becomes New Internet Sensation

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Baby Jabba has become a new favourite amongst the Star Wars fans despite his evil character, this has led to a stars’ war online between Baby Yoda and Jabba.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:
Baby Yoda

Baby Jabba, the new Star Wars baby inspired by Jabba the Hutt, one of the galaxy's most powerful gangsters from the Star Wars series has become an overnight online sensation replacing Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda, or ‘The Child’ character from Disney’s popular Star Wars series The Mandalorian has been the meme fest online since last year.

Recently, a 3D character-development artist Leonardo Viti created a short turntable video of the gangster character on the Instagram that swept the internet users off their feet. The 3d rendering of the Baby Jabba has turned the miniature a leading internet meme replacing the Baby Yoda as users awe the cuteness of the stellar baby.


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Baby Jabba becomes new favourite

Despite being an evil character, Baby Jabba has become a new favourite amongst the Star Wars fans. However, internet has some die-hard Yoda fanatics that disapproved that Baby Jabba could replace their favourite character. This has led to a stars’ war online about which of the two characters was more appealing to the audience. The Baby Yoda fanbase refused to accept Baby Jabba just yet.

Not many days ago, a Baby Yoda fan came up with an innovative recipe that had the character back in discussion among the internet users. Jenn Fujikawa, a lifestyle and pop culture writer had shared the recipe of Baby Yoda puff pastries and the audience had instantly turned a fan. The Star Wars fans puddled on the post of Jenn’s recipe thrilled at the concept. They could not contain their excitement to try their hands at the recipe, expressing their love for The Mandalorian’s character.

The obsessed users were grateful to Jenn and said that they couldn’t wait to eat Baby Yoda, while some exclaimed that they could never eat their favourite character as it would make them feel like a monster. For some, Baby Yoda recipe was a dream come true.

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