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Did You Know BTS' Jungkook Once Ate 6 Cups Of Ramen Noodles In One Go?

Do you know that BTS’ Jungkook loves to eat ramen? So much that he once ate 6 cups of ramen noodles in one sitting? Read interesting details about it here.

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Mamta Raut
BTS' Jungkook

Bangtan Boys aka BTS, the seven-member K-pop boy band has created history with their record-breaking music. From topping charts to garnering an influential fan army, BTS has emerged to be one of the most famous music bands of all the time. Each and every member of the K-pop band has a speciality of their own. But do you know that BTS’ Jungkook loves to eat ramen? So much that he once ate six cups of ramen noodles in one sitting?

BTS’ Jungkook’s love for ramen

It happened back in 2016 when the band landed in Nagoya for their Asia Tour. According to the tweet shared by the BTS members, 5 members of the band went out to enjoy a late-night supper. However, Jin and Jungkook decided to stay back at the hotel to sleep. Soon, Jungkook uploaded several posts claiming that he was unable to sleep and was regretting his decision to stay back at the hotel.

To kill the boredom, the musician decided to do something crazy. He announced to the world that he has decided to eat six mini ramen cups all by himself. He wrote, "Ayy I don't know... I'll just have a face twice as big tomorrow. (All 6 cups are mine.) Shall I get started?"

Jungkook then proceeded to update his fans with a series of photos of the ramen noodles claiming that he is all set to eat them all. He wrote, "This must be heaven hehehehe" and even uploaded proof snaps of him completing the task. The pictures shared by him showcased that he really did finish all six cups of ramen noodles all by himself. However, in the last tweet, he expressed that he “couldn’t finish the soup”. Take a look at it here:

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As soon as the tweets surfaced online, the BTS fans went gaga. While some motivated the artist to “eat it all”, a few concerned fans asked him to “be careful” as eating a lot can make him sick. Other users claimed that his post has made them hungry. Take a look at how fans reacted here:

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