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Eminem's Birthday Quiz: Take This Quiz And See How Well You Know The Rapper

Eminem's birthday falls on October 17. Take this quiz and see how well you know the rapper by answering questions about Eminem's songs and trivia.

eminem's birthday

Eminem's birthday falls on October 17 and the rapper is celebrating his 48th birthday this year. Here is an Eminem's quiz based on Eminem trivia and Eminem's songs. If you are a fan of the rapper, give this quiz a try and see how many questions can you get right!

Eminem's birthday quiz

Eminem does not know how to work a computer. It is because the rapper feels that if he learns how to work on a computer, he will be looking at comments and reviews about him all day.

  • True

  • False

Answer: True. According to a fan page, the manager of Eminem once revealed that if the rapper reads any a blog or review, it affects him for a long time.

Eminem has different characters and personas in his rap songs. What does the popular character Slim Shady represent?

  • Slim Shady is a name for the rapper’s temper or anger

  • Slim Shady represents Eminem’s lifestyle after he became a successful rapper

  • Slim Shady is a not a character Eminem has ever used in his songs

  • Slim Shady is a fashion icon

Answer: Slim Shady is a name for his temper or anger.

Both of Eminem’s parents have been musicians in the past that played in Ramada Inns along the Dakotas-Montana border. What band were they in?

  • Daddy Warbucks

  • Daddy Montana

  • Dakotas Daddy

  • None of the above

Answer: Daddy Warbucks

Eminem wanted to become a rapper since a very young age and he dropped out of school for the same. Who inspired Eminem to become a rapper?

  • The Beastie Boy’s 1986 classic Licensed to III

  • Special Ed’s I Got It Made

  • Audio Two’s Top Billin’

  • None of the above

Answer: The Beastie Boy’s 1986 classic Licensed to III

Eminem used to sneak into the nearby high school and would compete in lunchroom freestyle rap battles. With whom used to Eminem sneak into the high school?

  • Childhood friend and fellow rapper Proof
  • Just by himself
  • Slick Rick
  • None of the above

Answer: Rapper Proof

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A lot of people have sued Eminem for defamation because he has either rapped about them in a negative light or has used past instances and revealed names of people in his songs and has shown people in a bad light. Who are the people who sued him for defamation?

  • Dangelo Bailey, who worked as a Janitor

  • Eminem’s Mother

  • Both Dangelo Bailey and Eminem’s mother

  • None of the above

Answer: Both Dangelo Bailey and Eminem’s mother

Eminem is not a fan of reading. There is only one book that he has read. Which one is it?

  • LL Cool J’s autobiography
  • The Jungle book
  • The Secret
  • None of the above

Answer: LL Cool J’s autobiography called I Make My Own Rules

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Eminem writes many songs based on his experience. The song Rock Bottom is inspired from which part of his life?

  • When he got fired from his first job 5 days before Christmas.

  • When his first girlfriend broke his heart

  • When he failed in school

  • None of the above.

Answer: When he got fired from his first job 5 days before Christmas.

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When Eminem was in rehab, what became a part of his healing process?

  • Comic books

  • Reading newspaper

  • Writing jokes

  • Writing rap songs

Answer: Comic books

Name the film debut of Eminem

  • 8 Mile

  • Ocean 8

  • Fight Club

  • Eminem has never been in a movie

Answer: 8 Mile

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