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Naga Chaitanya Opens Up About 'unfortunate' Marriage And Media Speculation

Actor Naga Chaitanya opens up about his "unfortunate" marriage in an interview, expressing respect for his past relationship and criticising media portrayal.

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Naga Chaitanya

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Naga Chaitanya has spoken out about his personal life and marriage, calling it an "unfortunate" event in a recent interview. In a candid interview with Prema the Journalist, Chaitanya expressed his immense respect for the phase of his life that included his marriage and criticised the media’s portrayal of the events. He pleads for privacy and urges the public to move on from speculations.

Chaitanya and Samantha announced their separation on October 2, 2021, after four years of marriage. They issued a joint statement on Instagram, stating that they had decided to part ways and focus on their respective careers. Unfortunately, both actors have been subjected to continuous vilification and unwarranted speculation since then. 

During the interview, Chaitanya emphasised his respect for his past relationship with Samantha, referring to the events that transpired as “unfortunate”. However, he expressed his disappointment with the media’s reportage, which he believes has tarnished the respect he holds for that phase of his life. The actor expressed his hurt over the ongoing fixation on the issue and the unfounded rumors linking him to third parties. 

Chaitanya pleaded for the public to let go of the matter and not involve innocent individuals. He stressed that the speculations and sensationalism surrounding his personal life have caused significant pain. He urged the media and the public to move on from the past and focus on more positive aspects of his career and personal journey. 

Naga Chaitanya's Upcoming project

In the midst of these challenges, Chaitanya is preparing for the release of his upcoming Tamil-Telugu bilingual film, Custody, directed by Venkat Prabhu. In the film, Chaitanya portrays a police constable and recently took the opportunity to interact with real-life constables in Hyderabad to gain insights into their experiences. 

Excited about his role, Chaitanya expressed his enthusiasm for portraying a character that is not often explored in recent times. He highlighted the passion and drive of newly trained constables who are determined to bring about positive change, stating that the future rests in their capable hands. Despite the personal difficulties he has faced, Naga Chaitanya remains committed to his career and looks forward to delivering impactful performances in the future.

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