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Boruto's Latest Flashback Episode Reveals Why Ao Joined Kara

Boruto's latest episode shows him defeating Ao. Hokage's son goes on to ask him the reason behind joining Kara; Ao's flashback explains it all.


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' latest episode revealed the reason why Ao joined Kara. He first appeared in Naruto: Shippuden and he came back to Boruto with a better understanding of technology and scientific ninja tools. While he appears to be a retired shinobi, there is another story that unfolded in the latest flashback episode. 

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Boruto Flashback explained 

In the latest episode, it was seen that Team 7 was fighting Ao and with time they learned the trick to defeat him. Boruto took this time to ask him the reason behind joining Kara. This is when Ao goes back to the flashback and explains that Kara saved him during the Fourth Great Shinobi War. 

In the flashback, it is seen that Ao is injured and that he isn't able to move. He further explains that Kara helped him survive and gave him the meaning of his life. In the flashback, it appears that it was Victor and Kashin Koji who gave Ao, the scientific ninja tools. After this, Ao revealed that he dedicated his life to them and became their tool. This only shows that Ao is living as a tool for Kara and has left his shinobi values a long back. In the previous episode, he also admitted that he is nothing but a tool that is being used in the fight. 

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Who is Ao?

While he appeared as Fifth Mizukage, Mei Terumi's right hand in Naruto: Shippuden, Ao has a history of fighting wars. He was the one who stole Bykugan after defeating Hyuga Clan in Third Shinobi War. He has also faced Shisui Uchiha who left an impact on him. Ao was the one to see the genjutsu that was put on the Fourth Mizukage. He was also present during the Naruto's Chunin exam and he realised during his visit to Konoha that the village is disturbed after the Fourth Hokage Uzumaki Minato's death. He knew that the Chunin exam happened to showcase Gaara as the new Kazekage. 

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Ao has survived the third and the fourth Shinobi war and gave up on his moral values because of the aftereffects. He completely dedicated himself to Kara and became a tool for them to use. He still has his pride because he saved Seventh Hokage Uzumaki Naruto's son Boruto from an attack that was meant to kill him. 

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