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'Aai Kuthe Kay Karte' Episode Written Update Nov 12: Kanchan Calls Sanjana Home

'Aai Kuthe Kay Karte' episode November 12 written update is given below. Read to know what happened in the latest episode of the Marathi show

aai kuthe kay karte episode

In this Aai Kuthe Kay Karte episode, Shekhar comes to Sanjana's house and starts humiliating her. He reminds her that she and Anirudh are not school going children anymore and they should break up. He tells Sanjana that Anirudh's daughter Isha had left her house the other night and he found her. He tells Sanjana that their family is breaking because of her. Shekhar warns Sanjana that things will get worse now and she should make a decision soon. 

'Aai Kuthe Kay Karte' episode written update Nov 12

Just then, Anirudh comes to Sajana's house. Shekhar asks Sanjana if she gave an extra pair of keys to her house to Anirudh to which Sanjana says yes. Anirudh asks Sanjana what Shekhar has been doing in her house, to which Shekhar tells Anirudh not to raise his voice and reminds him that it is his house.

Shekhar tells Sanjana what happened last night and describes how Arundhati, Anirudh and Isha hugged each other and cried when they found out she was safe. Sanjana is shocked to hear this. Anirudh tells Shekhar not to get into his family matters. Shekhar tells Anirudh that he broke his family and how can he not get into his family matters, Shekhar also says he has been staying calm because of Arundhati.

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Anirudh tells Shekhar that he has enough money to buy people like him and Arundhati. Shekhar tells Anirudh that he will never divorce Sanjana and will never let Nikhil meet Sanjana. Anirudh says he does not care about these things. Sanjana is shocked to hear this from Anirudh's mouth. Shekhar says he will help Arundhati in claiming his property when they separate, he also says that when Anirudh will lose all his money, Sanjana will leave him. Anirudh loses his temper and grabs Shekhar by his collar. Sanjana calms them down and asks Shekhar to leave.

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Meanwhile, Kanchan calls Sanjana and asks her to come home. Sanjana comes to Samridhi Mansion and tells Kanchan that she loves Anirudh and wants to marry him. Kanchan says Anirudh will never marry her since he has a family and she should leave since she's an outsider. Sanjana says she won't leave him and explains her relationship with Anirudh. Kanchan tells Sanjana that if she marries Anirudh, she will give up on her life.

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Sanjana says she does not care about it and will definitely marry Anirudh. Arundhati comes home and warns Sanjana not to raise her voice. They argue and Sanjana says Arundhati is troubling them by not divorcing Anirudh. Arundhati tells Sanjana that she wants to divorce Anirudh but he does not want to leave her. Sanjana is left in a state of shock when she learns this. 

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