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'Anupamaa' Written Update: Anu Takes Care Of Vanraj By Dropping Her Dance Classes

'Anupamaa' written update: Anu takes care of Vanraj after he comes home. Baa asks Anu to drop her work for few days as she is Vanraj's wife. Read more.

Anupamaa written update

Anupamaa January 6 episode starts with Bapuji apologising to Anu and saying that nobody is concerned about her feelings. Shah family members take care of Vanraj. Meanwhile, Kavya tries to contact Vanraj but he ignores her.

Anupamaa written update

Anupamaa January 6 written update

The episode starts with Bapuji apologising Anupamaa as her feelings are ignored due to Vanraj's condition. Anu goes to make food for Vanraj. Kavya goes outside Vanraj’s house and thinks that Vanraj met with an accident because of her therefore she let him go with Anupamaa in guilt. She looks at Anu cooking in the kitchen and thinks that she is trying to be in Vanraj’s good books.

Vanraj lies on the bed. Pakhi asks him to call her if he needs anything and has to pay all his attention towards her, thinking mummy’s attention is only towards Kinjal. Baa asks Vanraj not to worry as everything will be fine soon. Meanwhile, Kavya sits at her house and thinks why Vanraj is not understanding her feelings and she used to let him with Anu thinking it’s a drama but now she gets that it was all real. Kavya and Vanraj’s pic falls down. She picks it thinking tragedies either shorten differences or increases them.

Vanraj ignores Kavya

Vanraj tells Baa that he feels good returning home as there is peace at home. Kavya calls Vanraj but he switches his phone off. She thinks that Anu did it and then calls Anu. She says that somebody switched off Vanraj’s phone. Anu asks Vanraj to talk to Kavya but Baa snatches the phone and says that dignified people sleep at this time. Baa disconnects the calls and asks Anu to not let Kavya talk to Vanraj.

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Baa asks Anu to stop her dance classes

The next morning, Samar greets Anu and reminds her about the dance classes. Baa walks in and tells Anu that she may not like it, but she has to stop her dance classes in order to take care of Vanraj. Anu says she will do whatever Baa says for Vanraj, but will not stop dance class. Baa says her work is important than Vanraj. Anu says work is important as they need money to run the house and guest is staying with them for a few days. Baa asks if Vanraj is a guest for her. Anu says he left the house and she didn’t ask him to go. Baa says that it is her responsibility as a wife to take care of Vanraj.

Samar takes medicines from the pharmacy. Nandini asks him why he is stressed so much. He says stress is not a about a neighbour to ignore; it's about his mother who has already work and home pressure and now Vanraj’s accident and him coming home and Baa dumping his responsibility on her, he doesn’t know how she'll handle all this stress alone. 

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Anu enters Vanraj's bedroom

Vanraj switches on his phone and sees Kavya’s messages. Kavya video-calls him and asks him why he is ignoring her. He says he is at peace and she only kicked him out of the house. Anu asks Baa to give soup to Vanraj but she is busy, she enquires about Samar and later takes the soup to Vanraj’s bedroom. She sees Kavya calling him and later comes out nervously. Anu scolds Samar for being late as she has to take food for Vanraj but she didn’t want to go as that room suffocates her. Later, Vanraj apologises to Anu. 

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