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'Ishq Mein Marjawan 2' Written Update For January 13: Vansh Asks Riddhima To Stay For Siya

In the latest episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, Ishani, Chanchal and Ahana plan to remove Riddhima out of the house. Vansh hurts himself while thinking of her.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 written update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 January 13 episode kickstarts with the doctor asking Riddhima to stay with Siya until she recovers. Ishani loses her mind as she does not want Riddhima to stay anywhere around the family. Ahana and Vansh have a discussion about why is he giving Riddhima so much importance. Vansh hurts himself while playing basketball and Dadi helps him out. Ishaani, Chanchal and Ahaana make a plan to get Riddhima out of the house. Read further to know what happened in Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 latest episode. 

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 written update for January 13

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 January 13 episode begins with the doctor suggesting the family that Riddhima should stay with Siya so she recovers as soon as possible. Ishani doesn't like the idea and asks Vansh to ask her to leave the house. He tells her that she has to stay here for Siya as he would want her to recover as soon as possible. He adds that he can tolerate her until Siya recovers. Aryan tells them that they should leave the task to him and he would make sure she leaves from there. 

Riddhima thanks Matarani for helping Siya recover and says that she will soon make her back in Vansh's life as his lover. Vansh starts playing basketball and constantly thinks about Riddhima. Ahana comes to the court and asks him why is he bearing her and not removing her from his life. She blames him for giving the identity of a wife to Riddhima instead of her. Vansh tells her that he promised her a place in the house and not in his life. He tells her that he has paid her enough to pretend to be his wife and she shouldn't interfere in his life. He gets angry, misses his goal and gets himself hurt. 

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Dadi notices that Vansh has hurt himself and comes outside to help him. Dadi asks him how did he hurt himself. Vansh tells her that he cannot stop thinking about Riddhima and he wants her out of her life. Dadi tells him that what Riddhima did to him was wrong and lost the respect she had for her. Dadi says that she will always support him and help him get her out of his life. Ishani asks him again that was it important to let her stay here Siya. Vansh tells her Siya's health is much more important than their hatred for Riddhima. 

Ahana, Chanchal and Aryan have a huge discussion about how they are worried that Vansh might fall for Riddhima again. They plot a plan to make her leave the house. Vansh arrives while Riddhima is talking to Siya. He gives Siya water to drink and tells Riddhima that he only gave her permission to stay in the house and she has no rights to claim now. Riddhima tells him that she doesn't want to claim any rights. Ansh asks her to live in the guest room. She says she will not enter their room and corrects saying his room. She also adds that she is aware he doesn't love Ahana and wouldn't insult their marriage for anyone. He ignores her and tells her that for now, she has two jobs, to take care of Siya and as a good party planner, plan a good celebration for Makar Sakranti. 

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She agrees and says that she will make sure they celebrate it well. He tells her that she will realise soon that he has already moved on. He tells her that he doesn't need her anymore and leaves. Riddhima talks to herself and says that Vansh will soon call her his wife in front of everyone. Kabir watches her say that and gets angry. He says that she is her main target and he will make sure she gets hurt. 

At night while Riddhima is sleeping, she notices someone entering her room. She panics and wakes up and leaves the room with a vase. She bumps into Vansh and he asks her what happened to her. She tells him that she felt like someone was in her room. He tells her that there are many secrets in the house and when they get revealed its often leads to huge consequences. In the morning, Ahana, Chanchal and Ishani add kerosene in the bottle of oil. When Riddhima is about to cook prasad, she adds the kerosene to the pan and realises something is wrong. She moves away while the pan explodes on the gas. 

She starts wondering who did this and catches Ahana leaving the kitchen. Chanchal tells her that they hoped she would burn her face but nothing happened. Ahana tells her that Lohri is the beginning of something new and Riddhima will have to face new problems now. She tells her that Vansh and Ishani are burning her old pictures with him. She rushes to see them do that and stops them. She tells him that he can burn such tangible memories but cannot destroy their relationship. 

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