Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Update January 31: Sonakshi Finds Out The Real Murderer

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'Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum' is a popular Hindi show which airs on Monday to Friday. Here is a written update for January 31, 2020. Read ahead to know.

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kahaan hum kahaan tum written update

In the January 31 episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, the inspector informed Sonakshi that she was being framed for Naren’s murder. Rohit tried to embarrass Sonakshi in front of his colleagues. Pari found out that she is pregnant. At the breakfast table, Sonakshi found out who the real murderer was.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum written update for January 31, 2020

The Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum January 31 episode began with the inspector telling Sonakshi that the one who killed Naren forged her signature to trap her. Sonakshi was shocked, but the inspector assured her that he would get the reports from the signature experts and inform her.  He also asked her to keep an eye on her family members and inform him if she doubted anyone. The inspector then left.

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Meanwhile, Pari and Viren are at the café where he boasts about his wealth. Pari spots Rohan and Tanya in the same café. Viren suddenly asks a very inappropriate question to Pari which angers her, she threw water on his face and screams at him. She then left the place as she was feeling nauseated but Rohan did not see her.

On the other hand, Sonakshi came onto the stage. Rohit took a sip of his drink and came to talk to her. He told her how they all loved Parvati. Everyone gathered there replied ‘yes’ in unison. Rohit continued that many mothers-in-law would want their daughters-in-law to be like her. But what they saw on television was not real.

Sumit and Netra started to get worried. Rohit continued still that Sonakshi was not like Parvati and she ruined his life. Sonakshi stood there shocked at what Rohit was saying. The people started talking among themselves after Rohit’s speech. Sonakshi gave a nervous laugh and told everyone that this was a joke and tried to handle the situation. Sonakshi then went back to the greenroom and started to cry.

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Just then the inspector came there and asked if she was fine. To which Sonakshi replied yes. The inspector informed her that the reports had come and someone had indeed forged her signature. He added that the person was left-handed and wanted to know which family member wrote with their left hand. Back at home Nishi was signing a check and gave it to Vimmi. She wondered to herself that it felt powerful to be able to sign cheques and Naren should die soon. Sonakshi came back home just then. Vimmi told her that Rohit was drinking too much. Hearing this,  Sonakshi left the place but Rohit said to himself that he would teach her a lesson soon.

Meanwhile, Pari came back home and started to worry. She found out that she was pregnant. She wondered to herself how could this happen to her especially now that she was trying to move on. Suman came in front of the bathroom door and asked what was she doing inside for so long. Pari threw the strip out hurriedly.

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In another scene, Sonakshi asked Rohit to come back to his senses. She made him stand under the shower. Rohit opened his eyes and saw her. He hugged Sonakshi and said he loved her a lot. Sonakshi also confessed her love. But just then Rohit remembered Nishi’s words and pushed Sonakshi away scolding her.

Sonakshi, however, said she would have none of his nonsense. There was a big conspiracy going on in his house and she would prove it. Rohit retorted saying that she was trying to blame his family because she was caught. But Sonakshi said she would bring out the real culprit.

The next morning at breakfast, Veena got upset looking at Naren’s chair. Sonakshi came to breakfast and recalled the inspector’s words. As she sat down at the table, Rohit got up and left. Nishi went to meet her assistant. Sonakshi observed everyone at the table dining with their right hand. Nishi came back again and held a fork in her left hand, which Sonakshi noticed.

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