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'Karbhari Laybhari' Written Update Nov 10 2020: Rajveer To Enter Politics?

'Karbhari Laybhari' is a new Marathi political-romance drama show on ZEE Marathi. Read 'Karbhari Laybhari' written update for November 10, below.

Karbhari Laybhari written update

In this episode of Karbhari Laybhari, Sunanda wakes up with a dream that her son Rajveer forgets her after he becomes a politician and listens to everything Kanchan says. When she wakes up Rajveer runs to her and asks her if she dreamt of him becoming a politician. Rajveer assures his mother that he does not want to get into politics and will stay away from it as soon as he gets the post and the issue is resolved.

Karbhari Laybhari written update Nov 10

After Rajveer leaves, Sunandha takes out her late husbands clothes and weeps. Sudham tells Sunanda not to worry. She tells him that she lost her husband to politics and does not want to lose her son to it. Sudham tells her that things have changed now and nothing will happen to Rajveer. He tells her that Rajveer will find out the culprits who killed his father and punish them one day.

Meanwhile, Prithvi tells his mother that he should at least the post of Rajveer's assistant. Kanchan lashes Prithvi and tells him that she cannot see him in a post which is lower than Rajveer's. She calls Rajveer and assigns him a lot of tasks for the day. Rajveer leaves and Sunanda tells Kanchan that if he has so much work to do when will he return home. Kanchan asks Sunanda to do her job and purposely steps on her hand, hurting her.

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Kanchan tells Sunanda that she accidentally stepped on her hand just like Rajveer accidentally entered politics. Sunanda tells Kanchan that Rajveer would never enter politics since he has promised her. Kanchan asks Sunanda to stop her drama when Deepa comes and tells Kanchan that the MLA has come home. Kanchan starts boasting about Prithvi in front of the MLA.

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The MLA ignores everything Kanchan said and asks her to call Rajveer. She tells the MLA that she asked Rajveer to buy milk but he hasn't returned yet. Meanwhile, Nagya calls Rajveer who's at the farm and tells him that the MLA has come home already. Soon the word spreads around the village that Rajveer wants milk.

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Meanwhile, Kanchan tells the MLA that since Rajveer hasn't returned home yet, they should consider choosing another name for the post of the chairman. The MLA assumes Rajveer entered Ankush Patil's political party and gets up to leave. Just then, almost the entire village brings litres of milk for Rajveer. The MLA gets impressed by the love Rajveer gets by the people in his village. The MLA gives Rajveer the post of the chairman and everyone else cheers for him. Sunanda, Kanchan, Prithvi and Nisha are disappointed by the importance Rajveer gets. 

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