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'Kasautii Zindagii Kay' March 02 Written Update | Anurag Tries To Kill Prerna?

'Kasautii Zindagii Kay' airs at 8 pm on Star Plus. Here is the written update for the March 02 episode. Know what is happening in Prerna and Anurag's lives.

kasautii zindagii kay

In the Kasautii Zindagii Kay episode for March 02, Anurag pushed Prerna into the river. Mr Bajaj saved her from drowning. Prerna learned the truth about Anurag. Komolika sent Prerna's daughter to the orphanage.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay written update for March 02

The March 2 episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay began with Prerna thinking that she trusted Anurag and whatever he was doing was for them to be together. Anurag came in just then and Prerna asked him to hug her tightly. She told him that she felt scared and felt that something negative had come between them. Anurag calmed her down and later they arrived at the Howrah bridge. Prerna asked Anurag why did he bring her there. Anurag told her that he had to tell Prerna about his feelings.

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Anurag lifted Prerna in his arms and Prerna asked what happened. Anurag told her how he started believing in love after meeting her. He then made Prerna sit on the railing of the bridge and asked her how much she loved him. Prerna said she would not regret giving up her life for him and that was how much he loved her. But suddenly Anurag said that Prerna better die and pushed her into the river. Prerna tried to come up from the water but got stuck because of the water plants. However, just then Mr Bajaj dove into the water and swam to save her. He got Prerna out and carried her to a wooden log house.

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Prerna regained her consciousness and could not believe that Anurag had tried to kill her. Mr Bajaj tried to calm her down. She looked at him and got surprised. Bajaj confessed that he is alive. It was his competitor who spread the false news that his plane had crashed but he wasn’t in the plane at all. He had thought of telling the truth to Prerna but then he learnt she had given birth and was about to marry Anurag. Hearing Anurag’s name Prerna recalled everything. She asked Mr Bajaj to take her to the Basu house as she needed answers.

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After arriving at the Basu house, Prerna ran upstairs and saw Anurag with Komolika. She got shocked. She then heard Komolika say that finally, Prerna was out of their lives. Mr Bajaj caught up to Prerna and shut her mouth. He took her away from there and into his car. Prerna recalled Anurag and said she had loved him but he cheated on her. Mr Bajaj said that after he went to London he had asked a man to keep an eye on her. He knew about Komolika but did not come because Prerna did not call him for help. He also said that Anurag had made her sign some papers. Prerna said those were registration papers. Bajaj corrected her saying those were house papers of some more properties that he had given her. But she signed them away to Anurag’s name without knowing it. Prerna began to cry hearing all these. Mr Bajaj tried to calm Prerna down. But just then he got a call. After the call ended, he told Prerna that Komolika had sent her daughter to an orphanage.

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