Kumkum Bhagya Written Update: Check The Highlights Of The Week From Feb 3 To Feb 7

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Take a look at the Kumkum Bhagya's written update for the whole week to know what all happened between Feb 3 to Feb 7.

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kumkum bhagya written update

Kum​​​​​kum Bhagya is one of the longest-running shows on Zee TV. It airs from Monday to Friday at 9 pm. The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya was aired on February 7, 2020. Check out all the interesting highlights of the whole week, starting from February 3 to February 7. 

Kumkum Bhagya Feb 3 highlights

Prachi makes a plan to uncover the truth

Prachi has an important revelation in this episode and comes to know that Maya is not the actual mastermind working against Ranbir. She doubts that someone else was actually behind the attack that happened on Ranbir. Later, when Prachi tries to call Ranbir to tell him about her plan to uncover the truth, Rhea interferes with Ranbir and doesn't let him pick up Prachi's call. 

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Kumkum Bhagya Feb 4 highlights

Prachi lets Ranbir know that she never doubted him

Prachi goes to college to meet Ranbir to tell him the truth about why she testified against him while Ranbir is still angry with her. Ranbir finds Prachi but avoids her as she went against him. Seeing this, Prachi feels insulted and hurt. But then she remembers her mother's advice to clear misunderstandings between her and Ranbir. She then gets a hold of Ranbir and tells him that she never distrusted him and this was all a part of her plan to find out the real culprit. 

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Kumkum Bhagya Feb 5 highlights

Prachi learns about Maya's cruelty

The episode starts with Prachi taking Ranbir to a graveyard. Ranbir tries to scare Prachi by talking about ghosts, but Prachi remains unaffected. The two then have a romantic moment, after which Prachi leaves the scene to find Maya. Soon, Prachi comes across her old nemesis, Saloni, and finds her arguing with Maya. Prachi then hears Saloni blaming Maya for her breakup. Maya had tricked Saloni's boyfriend, Rohan, into falling in love with her and then left him. Prachi is shocked to hear about Maya's cruel deeds and realises that she is not an innocent person. 

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Kumkum Bhagya Feb 6 highlights

Ranbir and Prachi plan to spy on Maya

Ranbir and Prachi drive towards Maya's house to spy on her. Meanwhile, they see Rhea driving just in the opposite direction. Both of them hide so that Rhea doesn't see them. Prachi is on a mission to spy on Maya to find out about her next step. 

Kumkum Bhagya Feb 7 highlights

Prachi almost catches Rhea

Prachi comes to meet Maya with an intention to find something else. Prachi and Maya start talking and Rhea finds the perfect opportunity to sneak out of the house. But on the way, she accidentally drops a vase and Prachi instantly knows that someone is hiding behind the sofa. Meanwhile, Maya tries to distract Prachi but sje is adamant and won't leave her house. The episode ends here with a cliffhanger and only time will tell whether Prachi catches Rhea. 

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