Kumkum Bhagya Written Update February 27, 2020: Abhi Plans To Save Ranbir

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Here is the Kumkum Bhagya written update for February 27. Read to know about the latest episode of the show and the interesting twists & turns that enfold.

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kumkum bhagya written update

February 27, 2020's episode, starts with the family arguing about Vikram's decision. Nobody wants Ranbir to marry Maya, but Vikram says that Maya's father is a powerful politician and will ruin their family if they do not do as he says. Ranbir says that he will not let anything happen to his family, but refuses to marry Maya.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update February 27, 2020

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Abhi tells Vikram that he does not have to worry and that he will use even greater influence to save Ranbir from Maya. Abhi then takes the file from Prachi and asks Ranbir to leave. He also reassures Rhea, telling her that he will never let Ranbir get married to Maya.

While driving to Prachi's house, Ranbir recalls Mr Choubey’s threat (Maya's father) and gets worried. Meanwhile, Abhi and Ranbir's family discuss how they will save him from Maya. Abhi reveals that he knows a lot of strong politicians and says that he will use their power to ruin Mr Choubey’s plans. Abhi also recalls Rhea's reaction when she found out about Ranbir's fake proposal to Maya and is convinced that she loved Ranbir.

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Rhea goes to Aaliya and tells her that Ranbir is going to marry Maya. However, Aaliya reveals that Maya knows about Rhea's feeling for Ranbir and will not marry him. Aaliya also reassures Rhea and asks her to go to tell Pallavi that everything will be alright.

At Maya's house, Mr Choubey commands a thug to keep an eye on Ranbir. He then asks Maya if she is happy. Maya assures her father that she is thrilled to marry Ranbir and even her mother pitches in, saying that Ranbir is far more beautiful than Mohit. Meanwhile, Ranbir stops the car in front of Pragya's house and starts talking to Prachi. Prachi reveals that she feels miserable as she was unable to help Ranbir. 

Ranbir reassures her and the two have a romantic moment. Ranbir also says that Maya is only agreeing to marry him because she is scared of her father. Rhea calls Maya but the latter does not pick up. Maya tells her mother that she does not want to marry Ranbir, but her mother tells her that she has to as that is her father's decision. She also tells Maya about her aunt, who vanished when she refused to listen to Mr Choubey. 

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Prachi returns home in a bad mood and tells Shahana and Sarita Behen about the whole incident at Ranbir's house. She also tells them that her heart is aching and then runs off to her room. Sarita Behen tells Shahana that Prachi loves Ranbir and his pain is causing her to hurt. Sarita Behen also believes that Rhea is the villain of Prachi and Ranbir's love story.

Rhea meets Pallavi and tells her that she will help Ranbir. Pallavi soon understands that Rhea loves Ranbir. Ranbir comes home to find his whole family worrying about him. Pallavi tells him that Rhea will save him but he is doubtful and says that Rhea is acting strangely. Meanwhile, Prachi tells Pragya about the whole situation and the two try to think of a way to save Ranbir. They believe that if Ranbir marries Maya, his whole life will be ruined.

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