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'Mahabharat' Written Updates April 21: The Aftermath Of Draupadi's Cheerharan

'Mahabharat' has made a comeback on the television again. If you still have not watched the latest episode of Mahabharat, then here is everything that happened.


The episode begins as Draupadi is heartbroken over how she has been treated. She is crying and telling the king that a woman has been disrespected in front of the whole courtroom in her own house. Draupadi asks everyone why was sitting quietly when she was getting dishonoured? She says that in the gathering of shameless and cowardly people, Draupadi the daughter of King Panchal and wife of the king of Indraprastha and the daughter in law of the king of Hastinapur curses everyone.

But before she could finish Gandhari tells her to stop. Gandhari asks her maid to take her to Draupadi. When she goes to Draupadi she hugs her as Draupadi cries unconsciously in her arms. Gandhari consoles her as she yells at her son Duryodhana. She tells him that he has already disrobed his sister-in-law and then tells him to disrobe her, his mother as well. She says that Vidur was right, she should’ve killed him at birth itself for the well-being of Hastinapur.

Gandhari pleads for forgiveness to the ancestors of Bharat’s dynasty because she gave birth to the son that humiliated them all. She begs Draupadi to not curse the dynasty as they are their own people. Draupadi says she can forgive anyone but not Duryodhan, Dushasan, Karna and Shakuni. Gandhari pleads to her and says that Duryodhan and Dushassan are her kids and begs Draupadi to not curse them.

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Pandavs regain what they lost

Gandhari then asks the king to intervene. The king says that his wife is right, he must intervene. Bhishma, Dronachya, Kripacharya, Pandav and Draupadi are witness to what he is saying. He says the past and future will never forgive him. King Dhritrashtra says Draupadi to come near him, and when she does he asks her if she has forgiven him she should ask for a boon. Draupadi says if he wants to give her something, then he should release Yudhishthira from slavery so that her sons are not called sons of slaves. Dhritrashtra releases him from being a slave. Dhritrashtra asks her to ask for something else. She asks the same for all Pandavas, along with their weapons and arms. Dhritrashtra says he’s not satisfied he asks her to ask for more. Draupadi says that it would be greedy and because she’s a warrior’s wife she isn’t allowed to ask for more than two boons.

The king, Dhritrashtra says he can give her whatever he wants. He proclaims that whatever Yudhishthira has lost in the game today, he will get it all back. Karna says he has seen a lot of beautiful women but no one is as sharp as her. The Pandavas get up to take blessings from their father. Dhritrashtra orders them to go to Indraprast and rule. He tells them to not seek revenge and to forget what happened today.

Kunti finds Draupadi crying and tells her that Hastinapur has forgotten what honour is. Kunti says she is angered by her sons who gambled Draupadi. She asks for forgiveness as well. Kunti says her pride is shattered because her sons put Draupadi as a bet. Kunti tells Draupadi to stop crying and raise her head up. Kunti tells Draupadi that she’s not insulted, but Yudhishthira is insulted, Bhim, Arjun, Bhishma, Hastinapur and Gandhari is insulted.

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Vidur comes to visits Gandhari who says it’s not an honour to be the queen of a kingdom of has disrespected the daughter in law of the kingdom. She questions why none of the elders spoke in the matter. Vidur says he’s here to tell her to save the Kuru dynasty from destroying. Gandhari says she hasn’t recovered from what happened in the courtroom. She says she’s has blindfolded herself, he should take this request to his brother and Grandsire. The mirror of India’s honour has been cracked, she says let’s mourn its loss.

Vidur says he has been calling her queen and not sister-in-law as his own brother did not tell Duryodhan to not speak disrespectfully to his Uncle. She how can he call her sister-in-law? Vidur says he cannot leave the house of his masters and go away from Hastinapur. So he will tolerate it for as long as he can. However, Vidur says he’s leaving the palace and going to knock on every door of knowledge. Vidur says he wants answers to many big questions like what is the definition of limits? Is a wife a thing or a person? Was Putting Draupadi as a bet right then what is evil? And many more questions. Gandhari says if he finds answers to these questions he would tell them to her as well.

Kripacharya visits Bhishma asks how can they all keep quiet despite seeing what was happening to Draupadi. And if they stayed quite what more are they waiting to live? Bhishma says Draupadi had asked him in the courtroom that if she was his daughter, then would he still sit quietly as she is being dishonoured? Bhishma says this question is troubling him since then. Bhishma further says an ancient house is crumbling and the house. Vidur is better says a teacher at least he didn’t stay quiet says Kripacharya. Bhishma says we are indebted to Hastinapur and we must repay that debt in this life itself. So he asks Kripacharya to not leave Hastinapur.

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Kripacharya asks if Bhishma thinks Pandava will seek revenge on Hastinapur because of this. Bhishma replies that if Krishna had not been there, they would’ve attacked. Krishna will not let them seek vengeance says Bhishma. He says war will happen but not just yet. Bhishma says Shakuni is a curse to Hastinapur. Arjun comes in and says they are leaving for Indraprastha. Elder brother stopped him from coming because if they all come to seek blessings Draupadi will come too. Bhishma asks him why did he come? To which Arjun says he cannot go without seeking his blessings. Arjun says he doesn’t know when, where or how they will meet now.

Arjun says there’s a fire of revenge inside him, asks what should he do with it. Bhishma says what does he want vengeance for as all they lost has been given back to them by the king. Arjun says not everything has been returned. He says that the King hasn’t given Draupadi’s honour back, did not punish the hands that touched her, did not punish the thigh that Duryodhan patted and ordered Dushasan to ask Draupadi to sit on it and he did not punish the tongue that called Draupadi a whore. Arjun says Hastinapur will pay for it. Hastinapur owes them the corpses of Duryodhan, Dushasan, Karna and Shakuni. Bhishma says with those corpses he would have to see his and Kripacharya’s corpse as well. Bhishma says Yudhisthira and all of them are responsible for this as well as they put Draupadi on stake. Bhishma asks Arjun to not wander in accusations and says that revenge doesn’t solve anything, the mistake is made by his elders.

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