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Mahabharat Written Update April 22: Pandavas Rescue Duryodhan From Gandharva

'Mahabharat' has made a comeback on the television. If you still have not watched the latest episode of Mahabharat, here is everything that happened.


B.R.Chopra's famous TV serial Mahabharat is now back on DD Bharti amid COVID-19 lockdown. The episode of Mahabharat begins with Rishi Vyas visiting Hastinapur. Drutrashtra and his wife Gandhari take blessings from him. Drutrashtra says he is blessed but Rishi says do not ensnare him with words. He asks the king to listen carefully and understand his reason for coming to Hastinapur. Rishi asks how the treatment meted out to Pandavas and Draupadi possible in his presence. He further says that he is responsible for this injustice because he is the king. And for this, he might have to pay for it.

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Mahabharat written update April 22, 2020

The king asks Rishi to not say hateful words to him. Rishi says that he should listen to the truth about his son's behaviour. He says that 13 years will be over soon and Pandavas will never forget their insult in this period. The King further says that his son Duryodhan never listens to him. Hence, it is difficult for him to stop his son. Rishi asks what he would have done if Duryodhan wasn’t his son. He also asks the king about the punishment for not obeying the rules of the king in his state.

Meanwhile, Drutrashtra says Duryodhan is his son, and it won't be easy to punish him. Rishi says a son is also like other citizens. Law has no relationships. He asks the king to tell Duryodhan that Bhishma is the Kuru leader and he is the king. Since they are alive, Duryodhan has no right in political affairs. If he does not understand, order him to make peace with Pandavas. And still, if he does not listen, punish Duryodhan. Because this is the duty of a king.

Meanwhile, Shakuni Mama, along with Duryodhan and other nephews, discusses the current situation. Shakuni says the king is unhappy with everything that happened. Duryodhan blames Rishi Vyas for giving unsolicited advice now and then. Duryodhan and his men leave for Dwaitavan to witness the distress of the Pandavas.

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But in the forest, Duryodhan tries to flirt with a Gandharv girl. She complains about her suffering to his father and brother. Later, Gandharva reaches Duryodhan’s place to arrest him and to punish him. On seeing this, Duryodhan’s bodyguard approaches the Pandavas for help. Initially, they refuse to help him, but after Yudhishthir orders them to help Duryodhan, Bheem and Arjun unwillingly rescue their cousin.

Later, Duryodhan and his bodyguard have a fight and Duryodhan kills him. He also tries to kill himself, but Karna interrupts and assures him that he should not die, as he is the future of Hastinapur. Meanwhile, Bhishma comes to meet Drutrashtra and informs him about Duryodhan’s behaviour. He also points fingers at Karna from running away and not helping Duryodhan. Bhishma still tries to bring Pandavas back, but everyone refuses and the episode ends here.

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