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'Mahabharat' Written Update April 24 & 25, 2020 Pandavas' Agyatvas & Karna's Curse

'Mahabharat' has made a comeback on television. If you still have not watched the latest episode of Mahabharat, here is what happened in the latest episodes


B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat is getting re-telecast on DD amid the lockdown and has brought back the golden days of the show. In the latest episodes, the Pandavas along with Draupadi enter the kingdom of Matsya which was under the rule of King Virata. They assume roles in disguise in an attempt to hide their identity. Yudhishthira took the role of advisor to the king and renames himself as Kanka. Bhima took up the role of a cook and called himself Vallabha. Arjuna introduced himself as Brihannala and became a dance teacher to Princess Uttara. Nakul assumes the role of an equine expert and renames himself Granthika. Sahadev, on the other hand, became a tender of cows and called himself Tantipala. Draupadi assumed the role of a maid to the queen Sudeshna and introduced herself as Sairandhri/Maalini.

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Mahabharat written update April 24 evening

The episode started with Kunti visiting Gandhari after 12 years. In the next scene, Dritrashtra was unable to sleep as he was anxious thinking about the war that might happen. He told Gandhari that he wished that Pandavas would get identified during the Agyatvas. In a nightmare, he is visited and questioned by King Bharat, Bheeshma and Vidur as they all blamed him for everything that took place and everything that would happen in the future because he failed as a king. They blamed him for keeping personal and family bias above his duties as a king. He woke up and cried and reasoned that he did not do anything wrong and blamed Yudishtir because he gambled his kingdom, brothers and wife.

In the next scene, the Pandavas along with Draupadi are seen doing their respective duties in their disguised selves. Duryodhan on the other hand, warns his spies to find out where the Pandavas were, or he shall kill the spies along with their families. In the last scene, Sahdev and Nakul meeting and talking their hearts out. Nakul tells Sehdev that one day he met Bheem and as soon as Bheem saw him, he welled up. They had a meal together and it was an emotional time for both of them. Bheem and Nakul discuss how the events had turned and how they were King and Princes back in Indraprastha, but here they are all servants. When Sehdev saw Nakul cry, he took a pledge that while Bheem has pledged to kill Duryodhan and Dushasan, Arjun has pledged to kill Karna, He would kill Shakuni. The episode ended on that note.

 mahabharat written update mahabharat latest episode
 mahabharat written update mahabharat latest episode

Image Credits: Youtube screengrab/ Pen bhakti

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Mahabharat written update April 25 noon

In the latest episode, Shakuni’s son Ulluk, visits him in Hastinapur and asked him when would he return to his kingdom in Gandhaar. Shakuni told him that he must return without him as he still has his goals to achieve in Hastinapur, He told his son that he would have to prepare for war as they failed to identify Pandavas during the Agyatvas. In the next scene, Karna visits Drona and asked him whether he knew the result of his refusal to educating him when he was younger? Drona replied that it resulted in Karna becoming a disciple of sage Parshuram. Karna corrected him and said that that is only half the truth, and told him that he is living under the curse of Parshuram. Further, he told Drona that despite the curse, he will prove to him that he is a better archer than Arjun.

A flashback is shown in the series where Parshuram was sleeping with his head on his student Karna. Right then, a boar-like insect stung him in his thigh and blood started oozing out from there. As he did not want to disturb his teacher’s sleep, he did not even move an inch and tolerated the pain. When Parshuram woke up and saw the blood he got furious and accused Karna of having lied to him about being a Brahmin. He said that Karna was a Kshatriya as no Brahmin or anyone else for that matter can tolerate that amount of pain. Parshuram cursed him that since he took the knowledge from him by deceit, at the time, when he would require this knowledge the most, at that moment, he will forget it.

mahabharat mahabharat written update mahabharat latest episode

Image Credits: Youtube screengrab/ Pen bhakti

In the next scene, Uttara shows her dance performance to her parents and they praise her teacher Brihannala. In the next scene, Draupadi crossed paths with Keechak who was the army command general of King Virata and the brother of Queen Sudeshna. Keechak got attracted to her and wanted to make her his wife. She refused his proposal and hurt Keechak’s ego. Keechak went ahead and asked Sudeshna to send Drapaudi to his palace or else he would kill himself. Sudeshna found herself in a helpless situation and asked Draupadi to go to his palace. Draupadi told her that she is a married woman, and she would go only because her queen has instructed her to but warns her of the results that might incur. The episode ends there.

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Image Credits: Youtube screengrab/ Pen bhakti



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