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Mahabharat Written Update May 6 And 7: Dronacharya Plans To Form A Chakravyuh

'Mahabharat' has made a comeback on television. If you still have not watched the latest episode of Mahabharat, here is everything that happened.


B.R.Chopra’s Mahabharat is re-running on television amidst the lockdown and is enjoying a record-breaking viewership. In the latest episode, Draupadi, Uttara and the other women of the Kuru family visit Pitamah on the battlefield who is lying motionless with arrows all over his body. All of them pay their respects and get blessed by the grandsire, who is also pleased to meet Uttara, his great-granddaughter-in-law, for the first time. When they leave, they come across Duryodhana, who tells them that Arjun has not yet faced the real challenge.

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Mahabharat written update May 6 evening

Later, Duryodhana asks his members to cut out the portion of the soil to give shelter to Bhishma Pitamah. He also asks them to take good care of Pitamah and ensure he is untouched by any kind of threat. Later, after returning to his camp, Duryodhana hatches a plan to make sure he wins the battle against the Pandavas. Therefore, he convinces Guru Dronacharya to hold Yudhishthir hostage. Because he knows that if Yudhishthir is held hostage, he shall win the battle.

On the other hand, Guru Dronacharya, who is not aware of Duryodhan’s evil intentions, agrees to follow his instructions hoping that he would return Indraprastha to the Pandavas and eventually call off the war. Soon, one of the spies of the Pandavas learns about Duryodhana's plan and he alerts Dhritadyumn. Subsequently, after discussing with Lord Krishna, the Pandava brothers and Dhritadyumn decide to safeguard Yudhishthir from Guru Drona.

The next day on the battlefield, when Guru Dronacharya destroys half of the army of the opponents, Yudhisthir wonders why Bhim and Arjun aren't retaliating. He insists that they leave him alone and face the enemy head-on. A while later, after overpowering Yudhishthir, Guru marches towards Yudhishthir’s chariot but gets blocked by his shishya Arjun.  Thus, by blocking his path, Arjun saves his elder brother from being taken hostage. Meanwhile, Sahdev and Shakuni engage in an intense battle and eventually, Karna joins the battlefield.

Later at night, in Indraloka, King Shantanu regrets seeing his great-grandsons fighting with each other. He repents loving Satyavati more than Hastinpaur, and therefore, blames himself for this battle. Hence, he visits Earth to pay respects to his great son, Bhishma. When he meets his son, he urges him to visit heaven along with him. But the latter refuses to obey him and says that until he sees Hastinapur in safe hands, he wouldn't breathe his last. Later, Guru Drona also pays his last respects to Bhishma as he knows that he would depart before the grandsire.

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Mahabharat written update May 7 morning

In the next episode, Shakuni doubts Guru Dronacharya's loyalty towards the Kaurava camp and believes that he may ditch them. After hearing such rude language for Guru Dronacharya and Bhishma Pitamah, Karna gets annoyed with Shakuni and asks the King of Gandhar not to cast aspersions on them as they are great warriors. After seeing Karna speaking in favour of Guru Dronacharya and Pitamah, Shakuni wonders if Karna has also shifted his loyalty towards the Pandavas.

In reply to him, Karna says that he is indebted to Duryodhana for making him the King of Anga and therefore, he will do all that he must to repay him. On listening to this, Duryodhana gets upsets and feels that Karna is with him not because he is loyal but indebted. However, Karna comforts Duryodhana and appeals him to not misunderstand him. But when Duryodhana refuses to believe, Karna attempts to commit suicide to prove that he loves his friend.

Subsequently, after returning to the camp, Guru Dronacharya reveals that defeating Arjun on the battlefield is an impossible task. He asks one of them to pretend as he has is frightened by Arjun. Thus, he hatches a plan to divert Arjun's attention from guarding Yudhishthir. But when Karna refuses to be pretentious, Duryodhana approaches his other friends from the Trigart Kingdom. And the two brothers readily agree to help them in laying a trap.

The next morning, the Kings of Trigart challenge Arjun. Bhim warns Arjun to ignore the two brothers, but he refuses and starts chasing the two brothers. This eventually allows Guru Drona to overpower Yudhishthir, who is guarded by Bhim and Sahadev. But before Guru could get closer to Yudhishthir, Arjun returns and protects his elder brother. Later at night, Duryodhana confronts Dronacharya for not holding Yudhishthir hostage.

Meanwhile, Karna intervenes and asks Duryodhana to not doubt Guru's integrity. Later, to succeed in their plan, Guru decides to form a Chakravyuh, as he knows that only Arjun and Lord Krishna know how to decode Chakravyuh. Meanwhile, at the Pandavas camp, Abhimanyu tells Uttara that he knows all the tricks of war except for the Chakravyuh. He reveals that he only knows how to enter it, but since his mother fell asleep while carrying him in the womb, he couldn't learn how to get out of it and the episode ends here.

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