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'Mahabharat' Written Update April 27 & 28, 2020: Arjuna Chooses Krishna Over Narayani Sena

'Mahabharat' has made a comeback on television. If you still have not watched the latest episode of 'Mahabharat', here is everything that happened.


B.R.Chopra’s Mahabharat is re-running on television amidst the lockdown and is enjoying a record-breaking viewership. In the latest episode, when Vidur discusses the issue of Indraprastha with Dhritarashtra, the latter refuses to stop supporting his son, Duryodhana. Therefore, the love for a son overpowers Dhritarashtra’s commitment towards the kingdom and makes him an inept king. Hence, when Vidur tries to remind him that he is bound by his commitment to return Indraprastha to Yudhishthir, the King tries to justify his decision by saying that he would think about it. The King states that he felt offended after Yushithir did not visit Hastinapur in person, but sent one of his representatives.

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Mahabharat written update April 27 evening

Meanwhile, Vidur informs Bhishma Pitamah about Dhritrashtra's decision and after knowing about it, he senses that the future of Hastnipur is bleak. Therefore, he thinks to find a way if something can be done to prevent destruction. He also wonders why Yudhishthir did not visit Hastinpur to reclaim his kingdom. And to answer his question, Vidur reminds Bhishma that Guru Drona was entrusted with the responsibility of looking after the kingdom for thirteen years.

A while later, Gandhari confronts Dhritarashtra and cautions him about the devastation. But he continues to only think as a father, and not as a king and decides to find out whether Duryodhan's claim about the Agyaatvas period is valid. The next day, when Yudhisthir's messenger visits Dhritarashtra's courtroom once again, Duryodhana insults him. However, to cover up his son's misbehaviour, King says that he will soon send his representative with a reply.

Subsequently, Dhritrashtra asks Sanjaya to visit Upaplavya with his message. The next day, when Sanjaya meets Yudhishthir, he reveals what his King's message is. He says that Dhritrashtra wants the Pandavas to stay where they are. He also asks them to forget about Indraprastha. Therefore, after hearing this message, Yudhishthir fumes with rage and asks Sanjaya to convey his message stating that the Pandavas are ready for war as well as peace.

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Mahabharat written update April 28 morning

In the next episode, Sanjaya meets Dhritarashtra and gives him Yudhishthir's message. Like a loyal servant, he also appeals to the King to return Indraprastha to Yudhishthir. But Dhritrashtra refuses to take his suggestion seriously. A few minutes later, Dhritrashtra calls Vidur to share his concerns after listening to what Yudishthir wants. Therefore, he wishes to understand what Vidur thinks about it. Like others, even Vidur urges the King to return the kingdom, but nothing seems to make sense to Dhritrashtra, who is blinded by the love for his son.

The next morning, Sanjaya visits the court of Dhritrashtra and conveys Yudhishthir's message once again in front of everyone. Sanjaya further reveals that the Pandavas would either like to get Indraprastha back or fight the Kaurava warriors on the battlefield. Even after knowing this, Dhritrashtra refuses to return Indraprastha and says that it belongs to Duryodhana. Thus, Dhritarashtra disobeys his elders Bhishma, Dronacharya, Kripacharya and the other wise men, who are bound by their duty towards Hastinapur.

Later, Karna extends his support to Duryodhana and thanks destiny for allowing him to have a fight with Arjun on the battlefield. He also assures his friend Duryodhan that he will never leave him alone. Meanwhile, Shakuni feels that Duryodhana must take Lord Krishna's help as without him Duryodhan will not be able to be successful. Therefore, he asks his nephew to visit Dwarika to convince Krishna to support him.

The scene cuts to Dwarika and Duryodhana visit Shri Krishna's chamber. Seeing him sleeping, Duryodhana decides to sit by his side until the latter wakes up. Co-incidentally, a while later, Arjun also visits Shri Krishna and stands right in front of his bed. And as soon as Krishna wakes up, he sees Arjuna and Duryodhana. To make sure that Duryodhan derives the benefit of visiting the chamber first, he insists to make a wish first. But Lord Krishna stops him and says that he must first let his younger brother Arjun make a wish. 

Later, Arjun asks Lord Krishna to become his charioteer and Krishna instantly obliges. And Duryodhana beams with joy after he gets the Narayani Sena (army of Dwarika). Soon after Duryodhana leaves the chamber, Lord Krishna asks Arjuna why he chose him over his army. Arjuna answers that a real warrior is someone who has the best charioteer. Meanwhile, after learning that Duryodhana has chosen Narayani Sena, Shakuni realises that his nephew's defeat is inevitable and the episode ends here.

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