'Manmohini' Written Update | March 23, 2020: Sunanda Tries To Bust Ananya's Plan

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Manmohini written updates for March 23. Read on to know more about all the recent happenings on the supernatural show and about your favourite characters.

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manmohini written updates

Manmohini is amongst the most popular television shows that airs on Zee TV. The supernatural romantic thriller stars Reyhnaa Pandit, Garima Rathore, and Ankit Siwach. Read to know Manmohini written updates of the latest episode.

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Manmohini written update March 23, 2020

Sunanda tells Amar to ask Baba about Ananya. Amar thinks that she might be right. In the room, Amma Ji and Rekha tells Mishra Ji that they have work with her. Mishra Ji asks what, Amma Ji says that they need information about the witch. Mishra Ji agrees and says that Sunanda thinks that Ananya and Gauri are one and she wants to prove it to Amar. Rekha tells Amma Ji that if they proved it first then Amar will give them a privilege.

Shiv tries to apply medicine on his bruises. Gauri arrives and she applies it. Gauri says that he has built muscles but always gets beaten up by his small brother. Shiv says that Amar is her big brother. Gauri applies the medicine flirtatiously, Shiv gets afraid. Gauri says that he was not afraid that night. Shiv says that he does not remembers that night and it was a mistake. Gauri cries, Shiv says that she is her friend.

Amar comes to Baba. Before he could say anything, Baba tells Amar that he came to ask about Ananya and the witch provoked him. Baba tells Amar that if he wants to follow the witch then he would leave. Amar tells him to stay and he will listen to him. Baba tells Amar that Sunanda is listening to everything hiding from them.

Amar sees Sunanda hiding behind the wall and catches her throat. Baba tells Amar that patience is required to do such big work. Amar tells Sunanda to stay away from him and Baba or it will be her last day. 

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Gauri happily says to Shiv that at least they are friends. She asks Shiv the rules of their friendship. Shiv says that he does not feel wrong about their friend’s words. He says that he could share his secrets with his friend. Gauri asks what is his secret, Shiv says that it is Ananya. Gauri says that Shiv made friendship with her but talks about Ananya. Shiv tells her to keep quiet.

Sunanda talks to herself that she needs to reveal about the truth about Baba. She goes to Shiv’s room. Shiv says sorry to Gauri and says that he would not take Ananya’s name again. Gauri says that he needs to hug her to calm her down. Gauri hugs Shiv and her veil opens.

Ananya thinks about their old times. Sunanda watches that Gauri’s veil is open and she is in fact Ananya. Gauri covers her face. Sunanda says that she has seen what she wanted to and tells Gauri to open her veil. Gauri denies, but Sunanda forces her.

Sunanda tells Shiv that Gauri is Ananya and she should lift her veil.  Shiv keeps his hand on Gauri’s shoulder and says that she would not lift her veil. Shiv tells Sunanda that he knows she is Gauri, not Ananya. Sunanda says that he does not know Ananya. Shiv tells Sunanda to leave or he would call Amar, Sunanda leaves.

Shiv tells Gauri that nobody can touch her till her best friend is with her. Gauri tightly hugs Shiv and leaves saying that she is going to get fresh air.

Sunanda recalls Amar's bad behaviour with her. She sees that Ananya is not in the room. Sunanda goes to tell this to Amar. In the meantime, Ananya enters and sleeps. Sunanda hears some sound and checks again. She sees that Ananya is sleeping in bed. Sunanda sees Ananya and says that her game will be over now.

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Shiv is sitting on the bed when Ketki arrives blindfolded with medicines. She says that as he has bruises she would apply medicines. Shiv says that Gauri has already applied medicines and leaves. Ketki says that someone or the other comes in between him and Shiv.

Baba tells Amar that they should begin their third practice. Baba throws marble while Amar stands on one leg. Amar falls, Baba says that it is necessary to feel the pain to get Ananya. Amar falls again, Baba says that if he gets through it, he would get Ananya. Baba keeps throwing marbles and Amar falls.

Sunanda tells Amar to come with her. Amar denies saying that he is practising. Sunanda says that Baba is just torturing her. Amar denies again, Sunanda says that if she is wrong this time then he could give any punishment to her.

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Sunanda brings Amar to Ananya and tells him to call Gauri. Amar calls Gauri, Ananya thinks that her plan is ended and Amar will know that she is Gauri. Shiv comes and asks what happened. Amar tells Shiv to bring Gauri, Sunanda says that she will go with him. Shiv calls Gauri but nobody opens the door, Sunanda says that Ananya is Gauri and she could not come as she is in front of Amar now.

Sunanda comes to the room and tells Ananya that her game is over. She says that they called Gauri but she did not come, which means that Ananya is Gauri. Sunanda tells Ananya to get up as the game is over. Sunanda gets a knife and places it on Ananya’s wrist. Shiv tells Amar to stop it, Amar says that let it happen. Sunanda pushes the knife in Ananya’s wrist and she starts bleeding.



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