'Mere Dad Ki Dulhan' Written Updates For February 13: Guneet As Amber About His Chat Buddy

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Check out the February 13 episode of Mere Dad ki Dulhan written updates. Read all the details of the latest episode of the popular serial here.

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mere dad ki dulhan written updates

Sony Entertainment's show Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is receiving positive reviews from the audience. The show has gained a lot of popularity since it was first aired. Mere Dad Ki Dulhan stars Shweta Tiwari, Varun Badola and Anjali Tatrari in the pivotal roles. The storyline of the show is unique and well-thought-out, which is why the show has garnered so many fans in a short span of time. The show revolves around the sweet-and-sour relationship between Nia Sharma, her dad Amber Sharma, and their tenant Guneet Sikka. 

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan written updates of February 13

The latest episode of Mere Dad Ki Dulhan starts with Amber not being able to send the messages to Bawra Mann. The message does not go to Bawra Mann because of bad weather. Then cut to Nia’s office, Randeep and Nia are stuck as the weather outside is really bad. Nia decides that they should stay indoors. Furthermore, Guneet is also worried about her mother. She hopes that Anurag is with her.

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Meanwhile, Amber is trying to get the fuse rewired. Guneet walks out of the room, Amber scares Guneet and vice versa. Amber calls Guneet a ghost. They end up fighting once again. Then Amber is able to switch on the inverter somehow. While quarrelling, Amber slips and falls. Cut to Nia’s office, Nia is worried about her dad’s whereabouts. Then the lights go out and Randeep disappears.

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Amber and Guneet are respectively worried about Nia and Pummy. Then in the office, Randeep is still missing. Nia suddenly sees a shadow. However, the shadow turns out to be Randeep. Randeep had gone to find cell reception, but he is all wet because of the rains. He suddenly starts sneezing, so Nia brings him coffee and tissues. Then Nia goes to find clothes for Randeep. Cut to the house, Amber and Guneet are trying to connect to their loved one’s phones. In this rare situation, they assure each other that Nia and Pummy will be safe. Then they start thinking about their persons in the texts. They are thinking about their safety as well.

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Then Amber and Guneet start talking about Anurag and Simi. Moreover, they are fighting and arguing. Amber is saying that Guneet should settle down with Anurag because he tolerates Pummy. Guneet then says that Simi is too good for Amber. Further in the banter, Amber says that Guneet's face looks like she will never get married to Anurag. Then Guneet says that Amber will never find anyone because he never likes anyone.

Then cut to office, Nia is laughing at Randeep, because the clothes don’t fit him. Randeep says don’t make fun of me. He teases  Nia, saying that she loves his body, as he looks good. Nia rebuffs him and says that she will have to close her eyes for that.

Amber and Guneet are still fighting. Then the inverter goes out. Guneet complains that what kind of owner is he. Amber says that the contract never mentioned any inverter. Nia and Randeep are now eating a romantic candlelight dinner. Nia was hungry and starts eating hurriedly. Ambient music starts playing.

Then at home Guneet gives her phone to Amber to make a call. The call finally goes through. Nia tells him that she is safe and with some people from the office. Then Amber finds out that Guneet is getting messages, he says what is Guneet doing with her life. Cut to office, Randeep and Nia are seen having a nice conversation about their life in general. Amber says that Guneet's chats will lead to flirtations. Then, during the course of the conversation, Guneet finds out that Amber is chatting with someone as well. She repeatedly asks him who she is!



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