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'Mere Dad Ki Dulhan' Written Updates For February 11: Nia Sneaks Randeep Into The House

Check out the February 11 episode of 'Mere Dad ki Dulhan' in this written updates. Read all the details of the latest episode of the popular serial here.

mere dad ki dulhan written updates

Sony Entertainment's show Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is receiving positive reviews from the audience. The show has gained a lot of popularity since it was first aired. Mere Dad Ki Dulhan stars Shweta Tiwari, Varun Badola and Anjali Tatrari in the pivotal roles. The storyline of the show is unique and well-thought-out, which is why the show has garnered so many fans in a short span of time. The show revolves around the sweet-and-sour relationship between Nia Sharma, her dad Amber Sharma, and their tenant Guneet Sikka. 

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan written updates of February 11

The latest episode of Mere Dad Ki Dulhan starts with Amber and Kabir talking about letting someone in again. Ruhi and Guneet enter again. Then Kabir confronts Nia that Amber is scared about meeting Bawra Mann. Then cut to Guneet’s home she is seen having a fight with Pummy. Just then Anurag enters and says that he is here to pick up Ruhi. He asks is Ruhi was trouble. Guneet just says that she is fun. Then Pummy asks if Anurag can drop her to Noida as he works there. Then Ruhi blurts something silly in front of everyone and Guneet is embarrassed. Everyone has a laugh.

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Cut to Amber’s home, Nia is seen entering Amber a room asks if they can play Rummy. Then they start playing. Nia then talks about someone from her office who is lonely. Nia says that her office colleague is lonely, what can she do to avoid it. Then Amber explains Nia that people always end finding their match even though they lonely. Then Nia confronts about the messenger. She says that he should talk take things ahead with the person he is talking to. He asks her how does she know all this. She recalls that she can read things. She asks him to meet without any fear. Nia says that he should meet her, make a space for the person in life. Nia then says that even if he moves ahead his wife would not be upset. Amber then realises that his daughter is grown up and accepts the fact that it is time to move on.

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Then Nia is seen worried and making a call. She turns around and sees that its Randeep. She asks him to move in and he does, sneakily. She is seen taking him in. Later in the episode, Amber is seen messaging Bawra Mann that he wishes to meet. Meanwhile, Nia leads Randeep into Guneet’s place. On seeing Randeep Guneet freaks out. Guneet and Nia show him a room.

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Then Randeep makes a sudden move and breaks a pot, Amber hears it and comes out of his room looking for the source of the noise. Nia and Randeep hide, Guneet also closes the door. But to save Randeep, Guneet comes out screaming. Amber is shocked and drops his phone in the dust bin. Then they argue over the situation.

Then he looks disgusted at the sight of the phone in the dustbin. Then when Amber goes to fetch the phone, Nia and Randeep escape. Then they are arguing about the phone. Amber somehow retrieves the phone from the dustbin. Then Amber is freaking about the phone. Nia says that put it into the rice. He is waiting for the phone to switch on. Amber waits by the phone and wakes up in the morning. The phone is still not on. 

Then Guneet wakes up Randeep and asks him to leave the home before Amber is awake. But Amber decides to exercise today and is awake earlier than every day. Will Amber and Randeep clash?

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