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'Mujhse Shaadi Karoge' Written Update | March 04: Preparing For The First Eliminations

'Mujhse Shaadi Karoge' written updates for March 4 are out. Read to know about the latest episode where a lot of interesting events took place. Read on.

Mujhse Shaadi Karoge

Mujhse Shaadi Karoge March 4 episode began with Paras Chhabra and Shehnaaz Gill in the secret room continuing the task. Paras asks Heena to make a hakka noodles and loved what Heena has made. Meanwhile, Rohanpreet writes the word ‘Baby’ while plating the sandwich and even draws a smiley face on the sandwich. Shehnaaz thinks it’s adorable of him for doing so.

Heena wins the alone time with Paras as the hakka noodles she made were the tastiest. She gets emotional and sheds a few tears of joy. Shehnaaz Gill appreciates the efforts taken by Mayank while cooking for her. However, she states that she liked how Rohanpreet wrote the words ‘Baby’ around her sandwich and wins the alone time with her.

While spending the alone time with Heena, Paras taunts her about her bond with Shehbaz. Shehnaaz Gill says her date with Rohanpreet was fantastic, while Paras says his alone time with Heena was good, sweet and adds that Heena has qualities that he might like. He further adds that he has started liking her.

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The next morning, Jasleen and Mayank have a verbal spat and he states that she uses people and that she is a user. Jasleen, in the fit of the rage, calls Mayank a snake. Paras Chhabra states that his ‘Dil ka Haal’ is that he wants to work out.

Shehnaaz Gill says that her ‘Dil ka Haal’ is very good as she had a great time with Rohanpreet the night before. As the housemates hung out in the bedroom, Shehbaz asks Shehnaaz Gill who is Jasleen’s enemy in the house, to which she says Mayur. When asked about Sanjjanaa, she says that Sanjjanaa is her own enemy in the house.

Shehnaaz and Shehbaz get in a fight

Shehnaaz reveals that her ex-boyfriend was intelligent but he didn’t have a good looking face. Shehnaaz and Shehbaz get in a verbal spat, where Shehnaaz asks him to stay in his limit. She further adds that he is here because of her and that she can throw him out of the house if she wanted. Shehnaaz starts crying and says that Shehbaaz is defaming her on national television.

Shehbaz starts crying under his blanket as well. Shehnaaz leaves the room and goes on her bed and starts crying again. Navdeesh goes after her to console her. After a few minutes, Shehnaaz is seen going to where her brother is as she hugs Shehbaz. Heena cries and tells Shehbaz that he should promise her that he won’t go out. She reveals that before coming to the show, she had a fight with her brother, and he left the house. Though he came back, she didn’t apologise to him then and she feels bad about it.

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The Garden Date

Paras reveals that both Shehnaaz and himself will go with all the housemates on a garden date. At every stage during the garden date, a person will get rejected. In the end, Paras Chhabra and Shehnaaz Gill will choose one person who they will save from the very first elimination of Mujhse Shaadi Karoge.

At the beginning of the game, Shehnaaz Gill asks the men if any of them would like to reject her? When no one raised their hands, she stated that she wants to reject Mayank, which means that he won’t be a part of the party because there is a hate angle between the two.

Shehnaaz sits with Balraj initially and she even confesses that when she is lost he finds her first. Sanjjanaa starts crying on the date as well and calls herself a cry baby in front of Paras Chhabra. Shehnaaz jokingly tells Paras it’s too difficult to reject so they should just forget the contestants and date each other instead.

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Paras Chhabra rejects Sanjjanaa first and Shehnaaz initially rejects Balraj. She the rejects Indeep with a heavy heart and Paras rejects Navdeesh. Paras Chhabra dances with Jasleen and Heena and Shehnaaz Gill dances with Mayur and Rohanpreet before deciding whom to save from the first elimination of Mujhse Shaadi Karoge

The last reject of the night from Paras is Jasleen as he saves Heena from getting eliminated and Shehnaaz rejects Rohanpreet while saving Mayur. Paras Chhabra, Shehnaaz Gill along with Indeep, Navdeesh, Rohanpreet and Mayur sit together post lights out. The group is seen talking about how weird Sanjjanaa is as Shehnaaz claims that she feels like she does black magic. Shehnaaz Gill says she’s scared of Sanjjanaa. Indeep says that the skin tone of Sanjjanaa’s hands and face don’t match, while Paras Chhabra says that her feet are too big.

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