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'Naagin 5' Jan 9 Written Update: Jay Decides To Kill Bani With A Trishul

Here's 'Naagin 5' written update for January 9. Scroll down to know how the episode unfolds and what happens next in Naagin 5's latest episode

Naagin 5 Jan 9 written update

Naagin 5 latest episode that aired on January 9 is all about Jay deciding to kill Bani by conspiring against Maarkat. In the episode, Veer challenges Bani to kiss him. On the other hand, a new enemy enters Veer’s house.

Naagin 5 written update

Naagin 5 January 9 episode

The episode starts with Veer telling Bani that Chandrakala was his mother and not Maarkat. Veer convinces Bani to heal Jai’s injury. He also tells Bani that Jai has done him a favour. Bani gets furious and asks him to give Jai credit for his marriage also. Veer says he gives solo credit to just himself for the marriage. Bani says then he shall keep the party for himself. Veer says to Bani that she has to kiss him in front of everyone. Veer comes to the party and says he never will miss the chance to kiss. Panditayan sees the moon and calls a snake charmer. She explains that Aadinaagin’s life is in danger. She says that she will alert her, but the snake charmer stops her.

Veer warns Jai

Bani comes to the party. Veer looks at her and asks if she remembers the challenge. She smiles and says that she remembers the challenge which he will lose. Veer holds her hand and takes her to the party. Veer sees Jai getting down the stairs and thinks something is going on in his mind. Veer warns Jai that if he thinks anything bad about his wife and family, he will not leave him. Jai sees his reflection in the water and Maarkat is shown as his reflection.

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Jai kills Maarkat

A flashback is shown where Jai is talking to Maarkat. Maarkat feels a burning sensation as Bani has thrown poison at her. Jai says he will kill Bani in an easy way. He brings the Trishul and says it is boon and curse for Aadinagin. Maarkat asks him not to take it near her. Jai tries to step near her, but falls downs. He says Bani will be at her weakest moment and so he will stab her with the Trishul. He goes near Maarkaat and stabs her.

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The flashback ends and Jai thinks he has kept Maarkat’s powers and now he will have Bani and become more powerful. Veer comes to Bani and looks at her. He says that they are under the mistletoe and now she has to kiss him. Bani comes close to Veer, just then someone enters the house. He orders the DJ to play music and asks everyone to dance. Bani gets stunned as everybody follows his order. Bani goes to her room thinking who is this person.

Panditain explains Mrityu Yog to Jai

Panditain comes to Veer’s house to warn him. She is about to confront Bani when Jai kidnaps her. Jai threatens Panditain. She tells that Shani Dev used to change his path in 400 years, but he changed his position every 255 years. She says only Maarkaat brings in this change and explains what is mrityu yog. Jai makes her see Maarkaat in water. Panditain is shocked. The man tells Bani that he is her friend and he came to her to tell her what is right for her.

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