'Nazar 2' Written Update For February 19, 2020: A New Story Of Dayan Begins

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The popular TV show 'Nazar' is based on dark magic and witch mythology. Here is what happened in the opening episode of Nazar 2. Find out about the new story.

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nazar written update

One of the most successful mythological drama on Indian television, Nazar has recently ended its first season on Tuesday, February 18. The show is based on dark magic and witch mythology. The new season is called Nazar 2 and the first episode has taken the audience with a storm.

The new storyline is filled with thrill and surprises. The season two of the mythological drama stars new actors acing new characters. Monalisa is reprising the role of a Dayan in the new season as well. Here is what happened in the opening episode of Nazar 2.

'Nazar 2' written update for February 20, 2020

The first episode of Nazar 2 started with a grand pooja. The first scene unfolds many characters who are going to play pivotal roles in the episode. Pandit Ji, Dadi Ji and Urvashi are going to place tridents of Goddess Durga to help their family from being affected by Dayan. Pandit Ji calls the trident a Kaal Shakti Trishul. Monalisa is seen portraying the character of Madhulika. The family completes the ritual of placing the Suraksha Kavach. 

Pandit Ji assures everyone that the Dayan cannot enter the house but the Dayan has arrived in the town and she is strong. Madhu tells Pandit Ji that now there is no need to get Apurva married but he tells everyone that to help him get better and to fight the Dayan we need to conjoint his Kundali with someone else's Kundali. Meanwhile, the family finds out that the neighbour's 20-year-old boy is dead. Urvashi starts to faint as she sees the body of the boy. Dadi Ji says that it is done by the Dayan.

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Dadi tells everyone that her son died similarly. Urvashi tells that we need to get Apurva married. Madhu goes to prepare Apurva for his meet with the bride's family. She tells Apurva that he looks handsome and any girl that marries her will be very lucky.

On the other hand, Palak is introduced in the scene where she is getting ready to meet the groom's family. Her younger sister tells her that she is the most beautiful girl in the town and whoever marries her is going to hit a jackpot. Mami Ji comes inside the room and interrupts them. She has listened to whatever Palak's sister has been saying and pulls her ears warning them to behave in front of the groom's family or else she will make their life hell.

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Apurva meets the bride's family but everyone seems a bit tensed. Bride's mother asks Apurva to tell them about him. He looks at the Laddoo on the table and jumps on it. He starts to eat it furiously like a kid and the Bride's family is shocked by the behaviour and they leave calling him a psycho. In the other scene, Palak meets the groom's family where she is not allowed to speak in front of the family. 

But she asks them to listen to her. Palak's Mama and Mami try to stop her but the groom asks her to tell him. She tells them that she is not well and she has a hole in her heart. Groom's family gets annoyed after hearing this and leaves. The Groom's father tells Palak and the family that they do not want their son to marry someone who has no guarantee of surviving until the marriage.

Apurva is sad because he messed up and Madhu consoles him. She puts him to sleep by giving him a big shark soft toy. While leaving the room she sees a long ponytail. But, it disappears when she goes to look for it in the balcony.

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The Dayan (played by Nisha Nagpal) climbs up the house and reaches the terrace. Madhu sees the Dayan and asks her to leave them alone. The Dayan tells her that no Trident can stop her and she hits Madhu. Madhu opens her eyes and it is glowing. The Dayan looks surprisingly towards Madhu while she turns into Dayan herself. Madhu hits her and she falls on the floor. A long battle between the two Dayan begins. Madhu clearly has an edge over the second Dayan. Madhu has a bigger ponytail, longer nails and more powers than her. 

The Dayan tells Madhu that she will not let her kill Apurva because she is going to take him away and kill him. Madhu scratches her entire face and tells her "Halwa Hai Kya?" Madhu tells her that she killed her father when he tried to come between her mission. Madhu aces her powers by showing off her burning ponytail and tells her that no human or Aikain or Devik can stop her from killing Apurva.

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