'Nazar' Written Update For February 17, 2020: Will Piya Kill Ansh?

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The popular TV show 'Nazar' is based on dark magic and witch mythology. Here is what happened in the recent episode of 'Nazar' on February 17, 2020. Find out.

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One of the most successful mythological drama on Indian television, Nazar stars incredible actors like Monalisa, Smita Bansal, Jatinder Bhardwaj, and Ankur Nayyar in pivotal roles. The show is based on dark magic and witch mythology. In the previous episode, Mohana comes to Piya and family for help to defeat the challenger. Piya and Mohana were about to take the blood oath. Read ahead to find out what happened in the recent episode of 'Nazar'. 

Nazar Written Update for February 17, 2020

In the latest episode of Nazar, Mohana and Piya are about to make Satan's oath or the 'Dayan Vachan'. Pandit Ji calls Piya to stop her from taking the oath. However, she was unable to hear him as Mohana has grabbed him with her witch prowess. Piya takes the oath with Mohana.

Mohana explains the laws of the oath and tells her that the person who tries to break the oath will be killed by the red-blood bangle. The two have taken an oath of protection, Mohana has promised Piya that she will leave them alone as soon as the challenger is defeated and Piya has taken an oath to kill the challenger to save Mohana from dying.

On the other hand, Piya goes to see Ansh. His wounds have healed faster than expected. He tells Piya that he feels that his powers have doubled. Piya is unable to understand but the dish carrying the breakfast falls from her hand. Ansh holds it air with his powers. Piya is unable to understand the changes he is currently experiencing. Ansh asks her not to tell Nishant or anyone as it is normal and it will help Piya fulfil her promise to save Mohana from the challenger.

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Meanwhile, Nishant is experimenting on the fire from the bolt that fell from the sky. Saanvi and Naman talk to each other trying to help Nishant solve the mystery. They try the Gangajal to stop the fire. But, nothing helps and Nishant says that the fire is the Sanatan Agni which is immortal and the challenger is made up of the immortal fire. Nishant goes to see the Rathod family. 

The Rathod family is leaving to complete the Mahashivratri Pooja. They convince Mohana to join them in the pooja and they will figure out how to defeat the challenger. Mohana thinks to herself that she needs Piya and Ansh together before the Chaturdashi Chaand appears and the challenger reveals himself to others. Mohana feels that her plan to see either Piya or Ansh dead is going to be fruitful soon.

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Nishant on his way to Rathods' finds Pandit Ji on the road bleeding. He brings him in his home and treats him. Pandit Ji wakes up for a few seconds and starts taking Ansh's name. Everyone thinks that every Dayanvanshi is going to die and the challenger is prepared to kill them. Nishant runs to the pooja with the immortal fire.

The Rathod family has reached the temple and Mohana is worried about the appearance of the challenger. Piya asks the family members to proceed with the pooja without them and they start preparing for the trap. Ansh's powers are on another level and Mohana smiles looking at Piya setting up the trap and Ansh digging up the grave. 

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While everyone comes back and tells them that the pooja is over but Piya is worried on how to kill the challenger. Nishant runs to them with the solution and tells them that the challenger could only be killed by the thing it is created with. He shows everyone the immortal fire and tells them that the challenger can only die with the flame.

Piya uses her powers and puts the immortal flame in the grave dug by Ansh. The fire breaks the crust of the Earth and it mixes with the lava inside the earth making a lava pool of hellfire. 

Mohana starts laughing and everyone is suspicious of what happened. She tells them that the challenger is present between them. Piya tells her that there is no one other than the family on the ground. Mohana grabs her and turns her around facing Ansh and tells her that he is the challenger. Everyone is shocked and Piya is on the verge of a breakdown.

Mohana reminds Piya of the 'Dayan Vachan' and tells her that either you kill Ansh or let the oath kill you and starts laughing. Will Mohana win this time? Will Piya kill Ansh? Is Ansh going to unleash the powers of the immortal fire? We will know in the next episode of Nazar.

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