'Nazar' Written Update For February 6 | Furious Piya's Eyes Turn Green After Seeing Mohana

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Nazar Written Update for February 6. The popular TV show 'Nazar' is based on dark magic & witch mythology. Here is what happened in the show's recent episode

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nazar written update

Nazar is one of the most successful mythological drama on Indian television and stars incredible actors like Monalisa, Smita Bansal, Jatinder Bhardwaj, and Ankur Nayyar in pivotal roles. The show is based on dark magic and witch mythology. In the previous episode, Piya seems to be possessed by Vishalika's curse. Read ahead to find out what happened in the recent episode of Nazar.

Nazar Written Update for February 6, 2020

In the latest episode of Nazar, Ansh and Avi are having a serious discussion. Ansh tells Avi that whatever happens, he is not going to marry anyone. At the same time, Mohana enters the room. Ansh boldly tells Mohana that he is not going to marry anyone. Mohana asks him the reason. He says that he was married once and it didn't work out. Angry Mohana tells him that one girl cannot define the entire world and you have to listen to your mother. 

Ansh tells her that he is no kid and he is not ready to marry. Avi tells Mohana to give him some time and Vedeshree assures her by saying that he will marry but not right now, he needs a little time. Mohana says he’s just nervous because so many people came suddenly. 

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On the other hand, Nishant is trying to find out what has happened with Piya. He tells Patmayan that Vishalika is Aikain's enemy and if Piya and Mohana meet each other, Piya will lash out and Mohana's anger might bring her powers back. Nishank says that he wants her to lose all the Aikain powers and be a human.

Ansh and Piya are talking about the guests that have arrived. Ansh tells Piya that to stop Mohana for the good he has to marry. This triggers something inside Piya that makes her angry making her eyes green. Chaitali gets confused looking at this. At the same time, Mohana comes inside the room. They both see each other and their eyes glow. Mohana notices Piya's green eyes and Chaitali asks Piya to calm down. Vedeshree comes and tells Mohana about the guests waiting for her. 

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Mohana tells Vedeshree that she remembers the look that Piya had, it is Vishalika. She tells her that Vishalika was her enemy whom she defeated centuries ago. Giving a fake shock reaction Avi tells her that she cannot be alive for centuries. Vedeshree tells Mohana that she is just overthinking and there is nothing like that and she will be fine soon.

Ansh tries to calm down Piya and he tells her that he can never think of being with someone else. He tells her that everyone hates Mohana but they do not want her to get her powers back. Piya tells him that she is ready to help and she wants her to lose her powers for good. Ansh goes on and tells Piya about their plan.

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Meanwhile, Naman is rehearsing his lines to propose Saanvi. She comes back with a boy and tells him that he is the same guy and they have come to confirm the marriage. Naman exclaims saying that how can she marry someone without knowing him. The boy asks her to go out with him. Saanvi says yes and leaves with him leaving Naman with the boy's father.

Ansh says loudly, "Piya you have no place in my life". Piya assures him that she is going nowhere no matter what. At the same time, Mohana listens to all the conversation. Meanwhile, Naman thinks to himself that this marriage cannot happen. Is Ansh planning to get married to someone else for Mohana? Will Piya rage war against Mohana? Is the chapter between Saanvi and Naman ending? We will find out in the next episode.

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