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'Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki' Written Update September 15: Preeto Is Shattered

In Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Written Update Sept 15 Preeto is shattered when she learns about Soham's intentions of killing Heer. She blames herself. Read

Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki written update

In the previous episode of Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, Preeto, Rohan and Virat managed to expose Heer’s culprit. However, they are devastated when they figure out that he is none other than Soham. Does Preeto blame herself for this? Read further to know more. 

Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Written Update September 15

The episode begins with Rohan, who is furious, holding Soham by the collar. He scolds Soham for even thinking of killing Heer. Rohan explains how Heer is their beloved sister and they have always protected her. But today, Soham is trying to kill her. Preeto is devastated seeing Soham as the killer and tells him to leave her house. However, Soham warns Preeto that if she throws him out of the house, he will reveal about Heer’s identity to everyone. 

Virat warns Soham

Virat gets furious and warns Soham not to reveal anything because he is with Heer. He will destroy Soham if he does that. Rohan warns Soham too that he is here only to protect Heer and that he should forget about harming her. Shattered Preeto breaks all ties with Soham and calls him her enemy from henceforth. Soham accepts the enmity and moves on. 

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Meanwhile, Mallika offers Heer icecream. She later appreciates Heer for her bravery of attending Virat’s wedding function. Heer informs Mallika that she would attend Virat’s wedding too if not for her exams. Preeto and Rohan arrive at the spot. Preeto tells Heer to go home with Rohan. Once Heer leaves, Preeto sobs in front of Mallika.

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Preeto informs Mallika that Heer’s killer is none other than Soham, her own brother. Mallika is taken aback upon hearing this. She tries to console Preeto but fails. Preeto blames herself for Soham’s actions. She expresses her guilt while telling Mallika about the sacrifices Soumya and Harman made to raise Soham. Later she informs Mallika that she has broken all ties with Soham and now they are just enemies. 

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Elsewhere, Jharna is worried that Virat hasn’t come out of the bathroom for so long. She asks Daljeet about Virat. Daljeet informs Jharna that Virat will not come out until the colour of the turmeric fades away. However, Jharna is worried if Virat has left to meet Heer again. She takes his room’s keys from Parmeet and begins to walk towards his room. Meanwhile, Virat enters his room through the window. 

Soham is delighted 

Meanwhile, Soham seems very happy and is distributing sweets to everyone at home. When Harak Singh questions Soham about the sweets he says these sweets are only for him and Shanno. Preeto, Heer and Rohan arrive at that time. Heer asks Soham the reason for his happiness and sweets. Preeto tells her that it’s because Virat is getting married. However, Soham interrupts Preeto by saying that he wants to add poison to the sweets and give it to Virat. Preeto realizes his true intentions and throws the sweets down. Heer notices the turmeric on her face and remembers Virat.  

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