Splitsvilla 12 Winners Have Aced The Final Challenge And THIS Is How They Won

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Splitsvilla 12 is all about love and connection and tasks. Read on to know more about the written update of the finale and who is Splitsvilla 12 winner.

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splitsvilla 12 winner

Splitsvilla is a dating reality show where boys and girls come to find their Ideal Match. The show began its telecast on October 16, 2019. Splitsvilla is currently airing its 12th season hosted by Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone. Here is the Spitsvilla 12 finale updates

Splitsvilla 12 finale day is here

In the last episode of Splitsvilla 12, Miesha-Ashish and Priyamvada-Shrey qualified for the finale. January 17 episode started with Shrey waking up Priyamvada. Similarly, Ashish woke up Miesha. The finalists got to go on a date where they reminisced their Splitsvilla 12 journey so far.

Rannvijay explains the Splitsvilla 12 finale task

However, it was then time for the grand finale task and find out who were the Splitsvilla 12 winners. An elaborate setup had been prepared for the final task. Host Rannvijay and Sunny explained the task to them. The setup had a metal grid in the shape of a plus sign on which there were planks. The girls were supposed to stand on the planks while the boys will be standing directly below them on a swing. The girls had to collect pieces of dominoes and write on them. Then they would have to throw a minimum of four dominoes down to a table. The boys then had to collect the dominoes pieces.

Rannvijay is still explaining the Splitsvilla 12 finale task…

In the next stage of the finale task, they would have to make three common hashtags used by youngsters nowadays. In this stage, the boys will get three ore domino blocks which they needed to keep in the last stage. From there they would have to come back to stage three where there will some domino blocks on which answers would be written.

Rannvijay is still…explaining the Splitsvilla 12 finale task…

In stage three, the boys would be asked some questions whose answers would be the dominos. The couple would have to pick up the corresponding domino with the help of two sticks and cross a few obstacles all the while keeping the domino in their grip. When all the four domino blocks have been taken to the other side, that stage would be over. In all, each couple had to collect ten blocks. Then comes the last stage where already domino blocks from the previous stages would be present. They would have to arrange the dominos and throw them in a domino effect at the end of which something special would be revealed. That is when their time would stop.

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Penalties and etcetera

Whoever finished first, would be declared the winner. However, there would be penalties keeping in mind how many correct answers they brought. Also, whenever they would be running to keep the blocks on the table, the girls’ feet should not touch the ground or that would be a penalty. They also had to change the way they carried the girl the first time.

Sambhav gets to choose

Rannvijay asked the finalists to choose one guy unanimously whom they trusted. This person would decide who would go first and second. Ashish and Miesha were going second while Shrey and Priyamvada would go first. Then started the grand finale task.

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Splitsvilla 12 winners, Shrey and Priyamvada performs the task

The question according to which Priyamvada was supposed to collect the domino pieces was what the four things that were dearest to Shrey. When the time started, Priyamvada started walking on the grid and collecting the domino. Shrey also collected the domino with ease. However, Priyamvada lost the second domino piece. But she collected all the domino pieces quickly after that and proceeded to the second stage. But Shrey and Priyamvada lost this stage, being unable to form any hashtags. The third stage consisted of a list which had names in English of Hindi movies. Shrey and Priyamvada completed this part of the challenge also very quickly. In the last stage, they arranged the domino quickly. It fell down in a perfect domino effect.

Runners-up Miesha and Ashish performs the task

Next, it was Miesha and Ashish’s turn to perform the finale task. Miesha threw the first block directly on to the table. But they missed the second. They lost quite a bit of time here being unable to drop the blocks in the tables. But they finished it somehow and ran to put it in the table. In the next stage, Ashish and Miesha completed the three hashtags on time and gained time for the lost time.  For the last stage, they completed it just as fast as Shrey and Priyamvada and ran to complete their domino.  But they could not complete the domino in the first try. In the second try, they got it right.

Rannvijay and Sunny declare the Splitsvilla 12 winners

With all the penalties and correct answers, Shrey and Priyamvada won the finale task of Splitsvilla 12. This made them Splitsvilla 12 winners. Whereas Miesha and Ashish lost by a very narrow margin. Shrey and Priyamvada won the trophy and also the Splitsvilla winner prize money. 

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