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Vishnu Puran Written Update May 21, 2020: Lord Vishnu Comes To Earth In Matsya Avatar

Vishnu Puran Written Update May 21, 2020: Lord Vishnu comes to earth in a Matsya avatar to save the life of humans on earth with the help of Manu, Brahma's son.

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The re-broadcast of Vishnu Puran started from May 14, 2020, keeping in view the audience's love of mythological series. The show was made under the banner of BR Films and first broadcasted in 2003. Nitish Bhardwaj as Vishnu and Vaidehi Amrite as Lakshmi assumed the lead roles in the mythological series.

In the latest episode of Vishnu Puran, Demon Hayagriva steals the kids or four Vedant and takes them to his palace. The four Vedants (kids) warn Demon Hayagriva that Lord Vishnu will destroy him. Further Lord Vishnu decides that he will not move back from his promise, which says that whoever will try to harm the human, Lord Vishnu will destroy them. Hence, he decides to destroy Demon Hayagriva to save mankind.

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Vishnu Puran written update for May 21, 2020

Lord Vishnu and his wife Goddess Lakshmi are concerned about the humans on earth as the Demon Hayagriva is trying to steal and destroy Lord Vishnu’s knowledge. When Goddess Lakshmi tensed about this condition and asks him what will he do, Lord Vishnu tells her that he will have to fulfil his promise as he cannot go back on it.  

Lord Vishnu decides to take the Matsya Avatar and descend on earth. It is one of the 10 Dashavtars. Goddess Lakshmi objects to this idea and says that if he goes on the earth, she will not be able to stay without him. Lord Vishnu then decides to take Goddess Lakshmi along with him.

On the other hand, on the earth, Manu is engrossed in his Pooja and Lord’s worship for the betterment of the humans. Manu’s wife comes in and the sage appreciates her for her work and thanks her for everything she is doing for him in this life. Manu also says that he is her power and he is the one for whom she wants to live in her life.

Manu then goes to worship the Lord at the sea and gets a fish from there who talks to Manu. He doesn't throw it back in the water as it will be eaten by the big fishes. And hence, he takes the fish along with to keep it safe.

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Demon Hayagriva’s mother comes to his palace and asks him to release the kids as they are very innocent. But he refuses and says that Lord Vishnu has created them to show the demons that they are nothing in front of humans.

Demon Hayagriva’s mother is very hurt and goes to her husband, and tells him everything about what happened there and breaks into tears. On the other hand, the fish which Manu has brought home is growing very fast and hence, Manu decides to take the fish back to the sea. As he puts the fish in the water, the fish grows as big as the sea, and Manu is stunned to see the sight and remembers his Lord in mind.

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As soon as he starts worshipping the fish and asks for blessings from the Matsya, the fish turns into Lord Vishnu and blesses Manu who overwhelmed to see Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu tells Manu that Lord Shiva has decided to purge the earth with a heavy flood which will clean the human creature and their beliefs. Lord Vishnu says that he wants to save Manu from the flood and gives him a boat in which he must sit with his wife and other important creatures.

Lord Vishnu also guides him by telling him that he will come in his Matsya avatar and Manu should tie its fins to the boat so that Lord Vishnu can take the boat to the Sumeru Parvat, where Manu will give birth to a new human and create a new life. Manu agrees to Lord Vishnu and bows down in his respect.

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