Bigg Boss 13 | Weekend Ka Vaar Written Update For Dec. 21 & 22 | Salman Khan Is Fed Up

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Bigg Boss 13 is one of the most-watched and entertaining reality shows on Indian television; last night’s episode was full of drama - read ahead to know more

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Bigg Boss 13 is the most-watched Indian reality television show. The season has never had a dull moment since it began. In this Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan gave a much-needed dose to the housemates. The weekend was full of fights and drama. Read ahead to get the update on this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar episodes-

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Bigg Boss 13- Weekend Ka Vaar for December 21 & 22


Saturday’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar started as Siddharth joked about being Paras’ chamacha. Vishal said why he took his name? He said that Siddharth is a follower and side-kick like him. Siddharth said that he is Madhu’s side-kick. Mahira laughed at them. Siddharth put his feet on the table. Vishal moved the table. Mahira said that he looked like a fool. Siddharth sarcastically said that he is a chamchaa. Sana said that she is not jealous of Paras and Mahira, and that she can’t bear their taunts anymore. Rashami said that she can’t do that too. Shehnaaz said that Siddharth is hers, but he was also not saying anything. Rashami told Shehnaaz that Siddharth didn’t fight for you and you are fighting your fight alone. Rashami told Shehnaaz that she will support her in the house.

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Later, Salman informed the audience that Mallika Sherawat will enter the house. Mallika entered the house, dancing on the song Bheege Hont. Mallika met all the housemates. She said that she knows everyone by now. Mallika asked the inmates about gossips. She said Asim has six-packs and even touched his packs. Mallika said that the girls are much more pretty than the boys here. Asim said that Siddharth must be jealous. Mallika says Sid is very handsome too. She then made them play a game called ‘Let’s do it now’. She gave a task to every housemate, and they did it successfully. Then, Mallika Sherawat asked the contenders of captaincy that they have to prove why they should have become the captain instead of Asim. Whoever convinced her would get a special power. Vishal, Arti, Arhaan, Madhu, and Shefali Jariwala came forward and said why they feel they should become the captain. Mallika said that Arti is the winner of the task. She made Arti the opposing-captain, and gave her the ‘5 over-rule’ card. It was then time for Mallika to leave. She danced with the housemates and left. Vikas told Arti that he will hide the cards for her. Paras suggested her to over-rule his nomination decisions. The housemates got into severe fights with each other. Asim and Paras got into a very ugly verbal spat. Rashami and Siddharth also had a very aggressive fight and threw tea on each other,

By the end of the episode, Salman Khan finally decided to enter the house and deal with the housemates. He sat on stage and entered the house through Me-TV and whistled to gain the attention of the housemates. All the housemates, who are scattered all over the house, rushed to the sofa area, as soon as they realised that Salman Khan has come. The episode ended.

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Sunday’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar started as Salman Khan made an entry on stage and greeted the audience. He also looked through Me-TV whatever was happening inside the house. Rashami called Siddharth a ‘druggist.’ After some time, the housemates realized that Salman had arrived and they gathered in the living room. He asked them how everything was going inside the house to which Rashami and Asim replied in the negative, saying that it was ‘dirty.’ Salman indirectly taunted them by saying that the audience was liking everything that was going on inside the house. He also said that he had asked the makers to open the 'sultani akhada' but they are scared to do so because they felt that the housemates would get violent. He asked them to talk at the very pitch, at which they talk inside the house. He then advised them to give each other the same respect that they gave him. Salman said that the game had become too personal inside the house.

Salman also spoke about how the housemates fought over petty things like tea, oranges and apples. He then asked Asim about whatever issues he had. Asim said how Paras spoke about his sister and was backed by Siddharth and Mahira. He had this particular reason for being violent at the same. He also talked about how Siddharth misbehaved with him and called Rashami a ‘naukrani’. Thereafter, Paras gave his own point of view. He accused Asim of playing the sympathy card. Salman interrogated Asim about the same post which Asim said that he was instigated by Paras to talk about personal stuff. Mahira also complained about how Asim hurls abuses at others inside the house thereby instigating them. Salman asked Rashami who targets Asim. She took Siddharth, Paras, Mahira and Vikas Gupta's names. She also got into an ugly spat with Mahira Sharma. Shehnaaz said that everyone is wrong there and this fact was agreed by Shefali Jariwala. Salman asked Vikas about the situation of the house. Vikas provided his point of view and said how Asim prompted Rashami and Arhaan to get into a fight with Siddharth and others. He further added that Asim likes to play the victim card. 

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Salman asked Siddharth what was the meaning of ‘Aisi Ladki’ that he was calling Rashami again and again. Siddharth provided his own point of the view about the same. Rashami got irked and still confronted him. She also said how Siddharth told her that he had stopped calling her home. Rashami accused Siddharth of characterizing her. This led to an ugly spat between her and Siddharth. Salman got irked and spoke on the camera saying that he did not want to host the show anymore and that the makers should look for another host if they want to extend it for five weeks. He also told Siddharth that even if he twists around, everyone knows what ‘aisi ladki’ means. Vikas explained to Salman what happened the other day. Siddharth again said that he did not mean anything else other than saying that he did not want someone like Rashami Desai. Salman explained to Rashami what Siddharth meant through his words. He also said how Rashami has been repeatedly after Siddharth asking him these things. He also said that how she called Siddharth a druggist was wrong. She agreed but said that it was Siddharth who started everything.

Siddharth and Paras talked about how Rashami had built a huge group that included Asim, Arhaan and others. Later on, Siddharth talked about the issues he had with Rashami in front of Paras and Mahira. On the other hand, Rashami and Arhaan had a discussion with each other. Shehnaaz told Shefali Bagga she felt that there was definitely something between Rashami and Siddharth outside the house that led to the circumstances happening in present times. Paras and Siddharth tried to clear things out with Shehnaaz. She said that she had been Siddharth’s friend since the second week and that she took his side. Meanwhile, Salman welcomed Mallika Sherawat on stage who said that she knew whatever was happening inside the house. Mallika also informed him about whatever tasks she played with them. Salman told her about the fights that happened between the housemates which shook Mallika. She then made Salman perform certain tasks too. The two of them also recreated a scene from Salman’s iconic movie Maine Pyar Kiya. Thereafter, Mallika took a leave from Salman, post which he entered the house through Me-TV. He talked about nominations and announced that Vishal and Arhaan were among the bottom two housemates. 





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