Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update For January 24: Confusion Over A Call

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In Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka last episode, Roshni gets a call from a real estate owner for a rented house. Roshni and Aman try to sort things up. Read what happens.

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yeh jaadu hai jinn ka

The episode of Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka starts with Salma taunting Aman about his baby. After which they discuss how Roshni is very decent. Salma and others then discuss the baby. Praveen eves goes on to say that he is ready to steal the baby as a funny notion. The baby then hits a spoon looking at which all the people in the room laugh. Then Aliya says that the kid is not eating so Aman tries to help Aliya to feed the baby. During this Roshni sees Aman and Aliya bonding. Roshini looks angry as the duo is bonding as this happens chotu asks which is she angry which Roshni denies and goes jealous as Aman feeds Aliya.

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After this Aliya sees Roshni. While this is going on Tabeezi tries to find the owner of the ring and says that she does not know about the blue light and who did the shiny thing is not in the bowl. While this is going on Aliya gets a call from an Aman’s house from MR Kapoor who is a property dealer. He says that he is ready to move into the rented house. Aman then asks whether she has booked the house or no. After which Aliya says that someone had called from Aman’s house and that he has called for rented accommodation. She adds that the Roshni said that she has to shift urgently to which Roshni says no and Aman says that they will talk later.

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Alia smiles and tells Roshni that she did not make a call to anyone and to which Aman says why will Kapoor lie. Roshni says she is not lying and then admits that she is jealous but she would not do such a cheap thing. She then tells that she feels bad seeing you with Aliya. She also tells that it is difficult for her to see them together but she would not do anything as such. After this Roshni also complains about how she feels like an outsider. After which all three talk about the feeling and sort try to make things up. All of a sudden someone falls in the bowl and then Tabeezi sees the ring inside there. She smiles and then Aliya takes the milk for the snake.

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Roshni saves the baby

Roshni says sorry and turns and sees the baby falling from the cradle. She stops the baby from falling and then make it come to rest. She thanks Bazzigar who shouts to save the baby. She frees Baazigar. Baazigar flies to the baby. Aman says that Roshni and the Kid are binding well to which Roshni tells it does not look like your kid. She talks about his past and provokes him Aman says do not talk about my past as she does not know what went down in London. He calls Baazigar and says I know the cage is open. Baazigar comes to him.

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Roshni warns Aman that Aliya will see the magic to which he replies by saying she is sleeping and looks upwards to show Roshni Aman Junaid Khan in London. After looking at it Aliya sees more pictures and Aman also says that there was peace at the secret spot. Aliya keeps and the snake morphs to picture and to spot so that Aliya and Aman in the same pics. He tells Roshni that once things are sorted they will go to this place. Baazigar goes to his cage again. Aliya sees Roshni coming and drops the file which then is picked up by Roshni and Dadi tell to keep it. After this Parveen Asks the Baby to comes to dadi. Then Aliya comes to Praveen to take the baby and Aliya says that he just goes to the baby. To which Praveen says that he also is family and likes to play with him. Alia says he will know you soon and the Praveen goes.

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