'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' Written Update Feb 3: Are Luv And Kush Caught?

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Here is Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update for February 3, 2020. Read to know about the latest episode where a lot of interesting events occur.

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yeh rishta kya kehlata hai written update

In the February 3 episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Naira and Kartik talked to the truck driver. Kush felt guilty about everything and wanted to confess. Surekha created a scene accusing Naira of doubting his sons for Trisha’s state.

Inspector asks for Trisha’s phone

The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai February 3 episode began with Naira crying after seeing Trisha’s blood-stained clothes. Kartik tried to console her. The inspector asked Kartik for Trisha’s phone but they suggested maybe somebody picked it up at the accident site. He decided to ask his team to track it. Kartik and Naira said they wanted to talk to the truck driver once while the inspector wanted to talk to their family. Akhilesh said that his sons, Luv and Kush were not at home but they were hiding and spying on whatever was going on. Akhilesh told the inspector that Trisha was like their daughter and they had to find the culprits. Kairav, meanwhile, told Vansh that he had seen Luv and Kush burying a packet of chips. Vansh said they would ask him.

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Luv talks about his ‘wish tree’

Luv and Kush, however, began to argue with each other. Luv told that they would not tell anyone about Trisha. He suddenly saw the children and Vansh asked him about the “chips tree”. Luv fooled the kids saying it was for his science project and asked them to keep it a secret. Kush told Luv that he was lying a lot but Luv said they needed to do it to save themselves.

Naira talks to the driver

Meanwhile, Naira and Kartik talked to the truck driver saying Trisha could not commit suicide.  But the driver said he was not lying, Trisha had come in front of his truck. Naira wondered why would Trisha try to commit suicide. Kartik said that Trisha would soon regain consciousness. They came back home but Naira wanted to stay with Trisha at the hospital. She also said that someone had molested Trisha. This shocked the whole family. Kush, meanwhile, told Luv that he was feeling very guilty. But the latter asked him to keep quiet. Naira vowed not to spare the culprits behind Trisha’s state. Kartik took away Naira to rest.

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Kush feels guilty

Kush still felt guilty after Luv’s words. He told him that he was going to confess. But Luv said it would hurt Naira. Luv tried to reason with Kush. Just then, Naira received a picture of a pendant from the inspector asking if it belonged to Trisha. But Naira said it was not, maybe it was of the culprit. Abhishek, meanwhile, came and tried to stop Kush. Luv said they would go inside their room and try to sort it out. They saw Naira and Luv asked her how was she feeling. Just then Naira saw Abhishek’s pendant similar to the one found in Trisha’s clothes. She asked him about it and the latter told her his mother gave it to him. Abhishek thought that it was good his mother gave him a new pendant.

Surekha creates a scene

Surekha came there and heard everything. She started to shout at Naira that she was accusing her sons. Naira reasoned that she just asked about the pendant but she did not doubt them. The whole family came there. Surekha asked Akhilesh to defend their sons since Naira was trying to blame them for Trisha’s state. However, Naira apologised and sorted out the matter.  Kartik also tried to reason with Surekha. Naira also apologised to Luv, Kush and Abhishek. The episode ended here.

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