Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update For February 11: Abir Becomes A Chaiwala

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke written update for the February 11 episode. Have a look at what happens when Abir and Mishti's marriage gets fixed. Details inside.

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke written update

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is a daily soap which airs on Star Plus. The serial showcases the love story between Abir and Mishti. The marriage of the two love birds was recently fixed. Have a look at the events that follow.

The episode starts with Abir rushing into his room in a fit of rage. Parul follows him and tries to calm him down. He blames Meenakshi and accuses her of making the chandelier fall. He is also upset about being humiliated in front of the Maheshwaris. Parul asks him to focus on himself and Mishti for the moment and not worry about other things.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke written update for the day

Meenakshi and Nidhi overhear the conversation that happens inside. Nidhi tells Meenakshi that she was supposed to be in the shadows. Now she has started coming in the limelight. She also blames Rajashree and Parul for asking Abir to talk to Mishti instead of Meenakshi.

Mishti is in her room recalling the whole chandelier incident. She is wondering if Meenakshi is actually behind this or is it just them assuming. She thinks of calling Abir and opens her bag to take the phone out. She notices the envelope that she had put in the bag earlier.

Kunal goes to meet Abir and notices him play a romantic tune on his guitar. Kuhu hugs Kunal from behind as the tune is playing in the background. He later realises that it is just his imagination.

Abir asks Kunal why is he so lost. He says it is nothing and asks him if he is fine. He says yes he is. He points out how he has been fighting with everyone for his relationship with Mishti. He says he wants to make everyone who helped him feel special. Kunal thinks to himself how Abir has a huge role to play in his marriage with Kuhu. He realises he cannot let the marriage die like that.

Mishti is just about to open the envelope when Kuhu comes in and snatches it from her. She asks her if she cannot see her name on it. Mishti says she thought of opening it as it was a notice from the court. Kuhu lies that it is something related to her business so there is no need to make a huge deal out of it. Mishti asks her why she is talking to her in that tone. Kuhu tells her that she is fed up of her and her antics. Just then Mishti receives a message from Abir asking her to meet him. Kuhu also gets a message from Kunal asking about her whereabouts. Kuhu deletes the message as she heads out.

Kunal thinks he will look like an idiot again if he tries to save his marriage amidst Abir’s wedding. He meets Jugnu and asks him if he has ever been in love and what does it feel like in real life. Jugnu tells him that someone who is in a love marriage shouldn’t be asking this question. Nanu and Ketki come to meet Kunal. They want to do something for Abir and Kunal gets an idea.

On the other hand, Kuhu is waiting for a message from Kunal. The person in charge of setting up the mandap is not picking up the call as the family keeps trying. Kuhu is given the responsibility to call the person. Just then she gets a message from Kunal and she leaves.

Mishti is at the tea stall waiting for Abir. Abir dons the chaiwala avatar and makes tea for her. She recognises him. She asks him if he is fine. He says everything is good. He apologises for whatever happened. She says it is not his fault, neither is it Meenakshi's. She jokingly says that she does not have to give dowry now. He pulls her closer and tells her that it is not dowry that he wants. It is something else.

Kuhu enters Kunal's room and is disappointed that he has called her to talk about Mishti and Abir's surprise. She says she does not want to help. Nanu comes in and tells her that it was his plan. She says if it is Nanu's plan then she is ready to help.

Kunal tries to talk about the divorce but an upset Kuhu leaves saying she does not want to waste her time. Mishti is about to leave when Abir starts joking with her. They are having a fun conversation. They hug as they are both happy.

Meenakshi recalls how Abir yelled at Lakshman. She is upset at the thought of it. She thinks to herself that she cannot let Abir drift away like that.

Vishwamber goes to Mishti to talk to her. She asks him to not worry. He says that he wants to apologise that he forced her to marry Nishant.

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Nanu yells at Meenakshi for what she has done. He says he will help her rectify it. He asks her to prepare a surprise for Mishti and Abir and that it shouldn’t go downhill this time. She promises him.

Mishti consoles Vishwamber. They have some fun and she asks him to trust himself. He agrees.

The next day, Mishti tries to help Jasmeet but she refuses to take her help. Kuhu tells her that she should leave Jasmeet alone as she does not want to talk to her. Mishti taunts Kuhu which she tries to defend. Kuhu is frustrated that she has to plan a surprise for Mishti.

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