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'Cuties' Ending Explained: Why Does Amy Run Away In The Middle Of Her Dance Routine?

cuties ending explained: Here is an explanation about why does Amy run away in the middle of her dance routine. Read on to know details.

cuties ending explained

Netflix's Cuties had stirred a lot of controversy due to its inappropriate poster and synopsis. However, the movie released recently on Netflix and has been gaining popularity among users online. Here is what the ending of the film meant.

Netflix's Cuties plot

The plot of the French film Cuties (French: Mignonnes) revolves around an 11-year-old girl Amy who joins a “twerking dance squad”. Due to immense peer pressure, she starts imitating the mannerism of new group of friends she has made. However, she is often conflicted in her mind as the new friends are opposite to what her family has always taught her and the social groups her family belongs to.

The story shows how young kids try to imitate what they see around themselves. The film also shows how at a young age social networks become extremely important and attempt to achieve maximum ‘likes’ on social media posts. The film has been inspired by the culture clashes witnessed by the filmmaker while she was growing up in a Senegalese family in France.

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Ending of 'Cuties'

Amy pushes Yasmine into a lake so that she can perform her dance routine with her troupe called Cuties. But Amy is horrified when she realises that Yasmine cannot swim. Later, Yasmine clings onto a lifebuoy and Amy leaves the place to join her group for the dance performance.

While Amy and her group is performing the ‘age-inappropriate’ dance routine, Amy hears her mother singing a lullaby in her native language. Amy freezes and tears roll down her eyes as she realises that her trial is similar to her mothers. She leaves the stage and rushes towards home. When Amy is caught in inappropriate clothes, she is shamed by her family member.

However, Amy’s mother defends her and hugs her. Amy pleads her mother to not attend her father’s second marriage and show disapproval publically. Amy’s mother tells her that she has to perform her duties as the first wife but shall not compel Amy to come along.

After Amy’s mother leaves, Amy wears her casual clothes which were ‘age appropriate’ and goes to the street. There she is offered by a young girl to join her for rope skipping. When Amy joins them, she attains solace in it and is in utter glee.

Ending explained

The ending shows that Amy found delight in the simplest of simple things that any child can enjoy. Skipping rope gave her the joy which twerking in front of a bunch of people could not. That meant that she came of age without giving up on her childlike habits and innocence.

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Details of 'Cuties'

Cuties is a coming of age French-language film directed by Maimouna Doucoure. It won an award at the Sundance Film Festival. The film also gained jury award for directing and was appreciated by critics for its handling of sensitive topics.

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