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Did Kurama Die In 'Boruto'? Netizens Shocked After Watching 'Boruto Chapter 55'

Boruto Chapter 55 leaks have left Naruto fans across the world in shock and distress. Read on to find out did Kurama die in Boruto chapter 55.

did kurama die in boruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga has impressed many fans with how it continued Naruto’s storyline. The new chapter of the Manga releases on the 20th of every month and fans get to enjoy the adventures of Boruto in a new Ninja world. The last chapter, Chapter 54 of the manga was released on January 20 and fans are waiting for Chapter 55 desperately. But before its scheduled release date, Boruto Chapter 55 was leaked by some netizens and it seems like something bad must have happened to Kurama. Find out did Kurama die in Boruto?

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Boruto Chapter 55 leaks

Did Kurama die in Boruto?

On February 18, approximately two days before the release of Boruto chapter 55, some netizens posted a page from the upcoming chapter that intimates that Kurama, naruto’s nine-tailed beast pal is going to die. A Twitter user named “Maddy” posted four snaps from what looks like the pages from the upcoming Boruto chapter 55. The Twitter user then explains the manga pages, saying that Kurama lied when he said Baryon Mode would take both his and Naruto’s life. It ended up only taking his life.

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In the visuals, we can see that Naruto is seen reaching his hand out to Kurama in despair. Kurama is floating above him and beginning to disappear. Kurama then says to Naruto, “have a good life, Naruto.” Many fans took to Twitter to express shock as Kurama’s death seems imminent and unavoidable. Another Twitter user named “Nano” posted snaps of the manga page and exclaimed, “I am in real pain.”Other netizens took to Twitter and exclaimed how much they will miss Kurama.

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Another fan on Twitter stated that irony or the full-circle moment that was created due to Kurama’s death in the animes storyline. The user “Closed” states, “Minato and Kushina sacrificing themselves to save naruto from Kurama... Kurama finally making it right by sacrificing his life for naruto's after when he tried to end naruto's life when it was just beginning. I cant.” Minato and Kushina were Naruto’s parents who died at his birth, trying to save him from Kurama who had attacked the Leaf village.

Another Naruto fan on Twitter stated that Kurama’s character development from being the villain in Naruto, to becoming a hero in Naruto Shippuden and then finally dying in Naruto saving Naruto is one of the best developments ever. The chapter will soon be adapted to animation. Here's the tweet.

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Source: Still from Naruto (Netflix)



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