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Do They Find Quynh In 'The Old Guard'? Find Out If The Warrior Is Still Alive In The Story

The Old Guard' starring Charlize Theron has recently released on Netflix. Find out whether Andy's comrade in the film Quynh returns to join forces with her.

do they find quynh in the old guard

Netflix's Superhero film The Old Guard has created a lot of buzz since its arrival on the platform. It is adapted from the graphic novel series created by Greg Rucka in collaboration with artist Leandro Fernandez. The Old Guard narrates the story of a group of immortal mercenaries who are being led by Andy played by Charlize Theron.

Andy is a 6,000-year-old who is growing weary of fighting. The film also has a character named Quynh who doesn't appear throughout the film but gains surprising prominence towards the end. Read on to know, "Do they find Quynh in The Old Guard?"

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The Old Guard Spoilers: Who is Quynh in The Old Guard?

In The Old Guard, audiences can sense an unmentioned divide between the original four immortals. On one hand, Andy and Booker are tired of waging wars and fighting. They are also consumed by centuries of grief and loss, as they have lost people they once loved dearly.

On the other hand-forging, this never-ending path of battle are Joe and Nicky, a couple who met on the Crusades, and they have what all the lover’s wish to have, 'Each other for Eternity,' as they are immortals.

Before the immortal warriors were joined by Nile Freeman there were two other original immortals with whom viewers didn’t meet. They were Quynh played by Veronica Ngo and an unnamed immortal, whose healing eventually stopped. This proved that in spite of the seemingly infinite gift of life, even the immortals could one day, die. All they have which makes them different from ordinary humans is a longer life span.


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Do they find Quynh in The Old Guard?

The audiences come to know in Netflix’s The Old Guard that Andy and Quynh were captured during the witch trials when both these ferocious young women were trying to free the accused. Andy, fortunately, escaped from the grips of the despotic authorities, but Quynh does not.

Andy tries to search for Quynh in The Old Guard but eventually gives up and moves on with her life and missions. But to this day she feels guilty that she might have given up too soon. In the film, she expresses her guilt by saying, “I made Quynh a promise and I broke it,”. 

Later in the story when Andy meets the Nile, she is able to find out Quynh’s fate through the Nile’s haunting visions. To the surprise of the audience, Nile is being haunted by visions of Quynh in The Old Guard, the Nile sees that Quynh is trapped in an iron coffin under the sea, furiously beating against it in an attempt to escape.  However, in spite of everything the Andy and the immortals are not able to find Quynh in The Old Guard.

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Is Quynh alive?

While Quynh in The Old Guard doesn’t appear throughout the film, her being alive is proven in the film’s final moments. In the end, Booker is exiled from the immortal warrior’s group. Months into the future he is shown living in Paris. Booker comes home and tries to open his door, only to find that it is already unlocked. 

As he enters his apartment, he sees a woman in a red robe as she is pouring herself a glass of water. She says, “Booker, it’s nice to finally meet you.” and at this moment it is revealed to the audiences that it’s Quynh, who has somehow escaped the underwater cage which she was captured in and tracks Booker down. 

The film ends with countless questions in the audience's mind, How did Quynh in The Old Guard manage to escape the cage? How does she know Booker, and how was she able to track him down in Paris? Is Quynh seeking revenge on Andy?

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The Old Guard Sequel

Hence, considering that The Old Guard ended with a cliff hanger, there is a high chance that the film will return for the second part. As per the reports of a media portal, Director and screenwriter Gina Prince-Bythewood has claimed that she is on board for the second instalment of the film. She also expressed that her vision for the film is to become a trilogy.



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