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If You Love 'Fullmetal Alchemist', Add These Similar Fan Favourites To Your Watchlist Too

If you are a die-hard fan of Hiromu Arakawa’s 'Fullmetal Alchemist' and are looking for series based on a similar plot, then we have got you covered. See list.

shows like Full Metal Alchemist

If you are a die-hard fan of Hiromu Arakawa’s award-winning manga Fullmetal Alchemist and are looking for series based on similar plot, action and multidimensional characters, then we have got you covered. Here we have listed down a few shows which essays tales revolving around fictional universes, alchemy, superpowers and more. Take a look at it:

Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon is another Japanese coming-of-age comedy series written and illustrated by the same author, Hiromu Arakawa, who wrote Fullmetal Alchemist. This series follows the life of Yuugo Hachiken, who on the demand of his strict father tries to live up to his expectations without caring about his own dreams. To escape the stress, he later enrols himself in an agricultural high school but soon realises that life in an agricultural school isn’t easy as he believed it to be.

Death Note

Death Note will give viewers another otherworldly experience just like Fullmetal Alchemist but in a quirky way. The premise of the show revolves around the life of Light Yagami, a genius teen who stumbles across a mysterious notebook which grants the user a supernatural ability to kill anyone whose name gets written in its pages. The thriller series centres how Light uses the Death Note to kill those whom he deems morally unworthy to change the world into a place without crime.


Similar to Fundamental Alchemist, Baccano! is filled with alchemy, immortality, philosopher’s stone, homunculi and several other otherworldly phenomena. The series features parallel stories of various people including thieves, alchemist, thugs, Camorristi, whose paths cross with each other after an immortality elixir is recreated. Their connection unfolds several events that lead to many uncontrollable situations causing conflicts.

My Hero Academia

This Kohei Horikoshi series essays another supernatural story featuring a boy, Izuku Midoriya who is born without any superpowers. He is later scouted by All Might, who is Japan’s greatest hero, who shared his powers with the boy after recognising his potential. All Might also help Izuku to enrol himself in a prestigious school of heroes to train him.

Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate dwells more into scientific advancement rather than magic. This animated series follows the life of Rintaro Okabe, who along with his friends accidentally discovers a method of time travel. He also finds a way to send text messages to the past which enables him to change the present.

Other series similar to Fullmetal Alchemist

Violet Evergarden

Made In Abyss

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Gurren Lagann

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Attack On Titan

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