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Take 'To All The Boys' Series Trivia Quiz To See How Well You Know The Netflix Original

To All The Boys series has come to an end and there is no better time to see how well you actually know about the series and its well-loved characters.

to all the boys series

To All the Boys series is one of the most loved and watched movie series that has been released by Netflix. The series amassed a fan-following that skyrocketed its actors' and Jenny Han’s popularity almost overnight. Everything from fan-clubs to fan-fiction was created around the books and movies. Lana Condor and Noah Centineo became household names and their careers took off at jet speed because of the series. The release of To All The Boys: Always & forever marked the end of the series which had audiences enthralled. As it is time to bid adieu to the series, take To All The Boys series trivia quiz to see if you are a true blue fan.

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To All The Boys series trivia quiz

How many letters did Lara-Jean write in total?

1.       3

2.       7

3.       9

4.       5

What was Lara-Jean’s middle name?

1.       Song

2.       Music

3.       Art

4.       Dance

What kind of a doctor was Lara-Jean’s father?

1.       Pediatrician

2.       Gynecologist

3.        Dentist

4.       Optometrist

Who gave Lara-Jean the box where she stored her letters?

1.       Her dad

2.       Kitty

3.       Her mom

4.       Josh

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What was the colour of the box?

1.       Turquoise

2.       Teal

3.       Blue

4.       Green

Where did Margot go to study?

1.       Ireland

2.       Spain

3.       Scotland

4.       France

Who was Peter Kavinsky waiting for in the hot tub?

1.       Lara-Jean

2.       Gen

3.       Josh

4.       No one

What was the name of the retirement home that Lara-Jean volunteered at?

1.       Oakwood

2.       Bellewood

3.       Belleview

4.       Shamrock

What was the name of the ball that Lara-Jean and John-Ambrose hosted?

1.       Star Ball

2.       Moon Ball

3.       Sun Ball

4.       Star Ball

Where did Lara-Jean and Peter have their first official date as a couple?

1.       The carnival

2.       His house

3.       The café

4.       Cardona’s

When did Lara-Jeana and Peter have their first kiss?

1.       On the Lacrosse field

2.       In 7th grade

3.       In Peter’s house

4.       At the hot-tub

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What did John-Ambrose dress up as for the Halloween party where Lara-Jean started having feelings for him?

1.       Buttered bread

2.       French toast

3.       Devilled egg

4.       Scrambled egg

What was Kitty’s actual name?

1.       Katherine

2.       Kate

3.       Kitty

4.       Kit

What sport did Peter Kavinsky play?

1.       Basketball

2.       Football

3.       Lacrosse

4.       Hockey

Why did Peter go to the retirement home at the end of the second film?

1.       To break up with LJ

2.       To spy on LJ

3.       To drive her home as she did not like driving in the snow

4.       To attend the ball


1.       4

2.       1

3.       2

4.       3

5.       2

6.       3

7.       2

8.       3

9.       1

10.   4

11.   2

12.   3

13.   1

14.   3

15.   3

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